Marin Tender Tracks Wed. Jan. 27, 2016 Day 17

Waning Crescent Moon
Roy’s Redwood

Is Spring really coming early?  Little buds are beginning to shoot, the Sun is shining warm and it feels like South winds are gently blowing in.  But, the winter water fall brought us creeks flowing and little waterfalls dancing. The children loved them and delighted with peels of laughter with the mud, water, and foresty joy.
We had our circle under the Redwood trees and heard all about Little Tommy Tittle Mouse again only more about the hidy tunnels that he makes and how he really did learn to listen due to his friends playing silly tricks on him at his front door.   From that story and after circle I brought them down a new trail that brought us to so many tracks in the mud.  We were looking for sign of Little Tommy Tittle mouse and his hidy tunnels and along the way we found mysterious tracks and many different kinds of holes.

Image result for picture of ant holesWe found holes something like this. Do you have any idea what this is?????  🙂 And, have you seen this along trails before???
Isabella, Eli and Kai were walking down the trail with their long sticks pulling each other along laughing and having the best, best of times together until, Kai and Isabella pulled Eli’s stick and wanted it. He was very, very sad about this. When we came over, they easily let go of his stick and carried on with the other one they had and one I then gave to Kai. All was well and it didn’t take long to begin to play together again.
It was fun to enter into the Sun and then figure out what was different. We were warmer!!!   Then I began to bring them up a very steep hillside where Little Tommies hidy tunnels were. We then found deer scat and Coyote Scat. AND, it seemed that the Coyote scat had big teeth in it!!!  How is that possible?  What could he have eaten with teeth so big???  Could Coyote have eaten Deer?   Such great questions and grand mysteries.
We finally climbed to the top of the hilll and landed upon a great Eagles nest ( ok it was simply a platue for you adults but, it WAS like an Eagles nest) where we could see so far all around us and so much down below. We saw the Mt.s from afar and the cars coming down the road.  We played a game for awhile to see if we could guess what color the cars were that we would hear coming.  And FYI, this is just one of many games, though not directly related to “nature” that enhance connecting to ones inner knowing, expanding ones listening ears, getting them to be still and really be with the present moment, among a few of the benefits.
We discovered great plants and soft spungy moss too.
They wanted to eat so, we made our circle, noticed the many colors of the food in our lunches, looked around us to see if any of these colors were around us, gave our thanksgiving song and then received the delicious food all of you parents made for your children.
During lunch I read them a beautiful story about Nimby a lovely little cloud. They liked it very much and wanted to hear it again.   We however packed up and made our way down the hill.
Kuba and Eli ran ahead and Linda went with them. Ruby, Isabella, Kai and I took our time going down this great big hill and then made our way down the path following some of our orginal tracks.  We wondered where our friends were and we began to look into the forest that we finally came back to and then, OUT THEY POPPED!!!  They were hiding under the bridge near the water being ever, ever so quiet!!!!
We laughed and were delighted at how skilled they were at being so quiet!
We then made it to the bus, piled in, Linda and I drew pictures of the day and the things we saw which, oh yes and by the way, Kai, Ruby, Isabella and I gathered Teasel plants that are perfect to become Natures Hairbrushes.  The others enjoyed them when we got in the bus.

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