Marin Tender Tracks Wed. Jan. 20, 2016 Day 16

Waxing Moon
Sorich Ranch

Eli and Kuba were home sick today.  We missed them and sent our thoughts of Health and Happiness.
Kai needed to meet us there and Ruby wound up doing the same. Isabella got a smooth ride with just Linda and I over there.  Ruby was waiting for us and Isabella ran out to greet her with such exuberant glee!!!  Ruby wanted to run off and play and Isabella did too so off they ran and Linda went with them while I chatted a bit with Ruby’s Mom.
Then, while I was setting up circle the three of them went on a grand adventure and found many wonders, including great mushrooms and came back to tell me the tales.
We sat down in our circle the four of us, had our snack that they didn’t want to eat, lit our candle with imaginary matches because ours went a missing, and I began to read a wonderful winter tale about a Child Of Snow.  Not soon after we started this Kai came and was drawn into the tale.  When it was done it was time for us to see who is really living and thriving in the winter, is Spring waking up at all right now and what can we find in our cold winter day.
The Sky world was completely covered with a gray blanket and it felt colder then the last many rainy days.  We all packed up and began a journey to find “the swings!!!”  Kai and Isabella in particular really wanted to do this where as Ruby really wanted to play in the water. The day was young though so getting completely soaked first thing was swervered away from. We did go by the water though on our journey and there I spied a long bone. I took it out and they all looked at it. It then became a little tracking tool that I quietly used for so many purposes: beginning tracking skills, aiding them in going up a hard trail, following signs and noticing what is the same and what is different, and bringing in fun. This was done by way of making arrows to follow all the way up the hill.
They are learning how to read…. Yeah!
Kai and Isabella were giggling all the way but at one point the trail got very steep. Kai took a few breaks but Isabella just scurried and Ruby and Linda took their time. They did stop for a bit to use the mud to make her into a Racoon!!!
Kai, Isabella and I got to the top and they found the swings!!  Well for them they were bars that they could hang from and swing that way. There was another swing but it was up to high for their small selves to utilize.  The two of them LOVED swinging and bumping into each other and actually did this for a good portion of the rest of the day.  Well, there was sharing that needed to go on and even though there was some resistance to that, in perfect three year old style, a few  games and songs given to help the sharing take place took care of any of this trouble. Isabella truly lucked out though because neither Kai or Ruby wanted what she was swinging on.   Linda found a bouncy tree and she brought Ruby onto that. Later on I brought Kai onto it. However, the ones that liked the bouncy tree the best, I am pretty sure, was Linda and I!
Ruby and Linda had gone on a water adventure and found a beautiful beautiful spider web.  Along the day Isabella and I looked at it’s wonder and then Kai and I.
We had lunch and playing, and finding soap root and making gifts for the fairies with all the lichen and plants around us.  We found just budding Poison Oak plants all over and slippy sliddey mud.  And then, with much reluctance, we had to make our way down.
Isabella was tickled finding the arrows all the way down, Kai took his time walking down the steep hill as well as Ruby.  To help them all though, before leaving, they put on their dragon wings, all three of them, and  made their way down down the big slope.  At the bottom we played in the creek for awhile fishing and finding “squid” Kai told us.
At first during the day Kai and Isabella were playing a lot together and Ruby’s companion was Linda.  But whoever was on the swings were the ones playing with each other and by the end of the day the three of them were all playing and sharing in and out with one another.
This was a very delightful day yet again playing with your most beautiful and fun loving children!  We  send deep gratitude to you for the joy of bringing them into the wonders of Earth and Sky.

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