Marin Tender Tracks Wed. Jan. 13, 2016 Day 15

Waxing Crescent Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Ruba’s household  lost all power  in their home before so they had a rougher time getting to us yet made it just in the nick of time and Kai had a night of experiencing snakes in his dreams?That is I think what happened. Therefore he slept a little later and met us.
Then, we were all together and quite happy about it!!!  Each week Linda, only living one town from me, always had a  completely different weather report. Hers says, not much rain mine always says lots of rain. Well, today it truly was wonderful with virutually no rain until 2/3rd’s of the way through lunch and at about noon. It came down while we were eating, stopped and started a couple of times but really just let go until we realized that our food was getting drenched!  We all laughed and everyone was so easy about it. We then packed up and found our way back. But I have jumped to the end of the day before I share with you the beginning.
Right when they got out of the bus, I was tending to Kuba getting his rain clothes on and the snack things while Linda, Isabella, Eli and Ruby found wonders upon wonders. Firstly, a branch from an Oak tree feel right down rather recently. They looked and looked and looked at it. They found California Newts and a wonderful Great White Egret.


Image result for picture of a Great White Egret

The Waters were FLOWING down into a gorgeous waterfall from the water shoot that goes into the creek and the children were enthralled.  I even went under the waterfalls and they laughed and loved that.
We had circle and a repeat story about How Robin Got it’s Redbreast.  I had hoped that we would see some. Well, we did not but we did see the Acorn Woodpeckers, Sparrows, Dark Eyed Junco’s, Spotted Towhees, Raven’s, Egret’s, Commorants, California Newts, many different kinds of trees, different types of water and how it all flows differently ( Kuba thought the waterfall had it all wrong and should NOT be flowing the way it was!) and so many other wonders.  Sometimes the wind children WHIPPED us around as they played boyantly and the cloud children danced around Grandpa Sun allowing His rays to warm us for a few moments here and there.

After our circle, bathroom time, playing in the puddles, making houses, Kuba being the baby from the story, Isabella being the Mom, Ruba being the fairy princess that could NOT fly when it got dark and Kai wanting to watch yet not be in the house and Eli going to the bathroom with Linda, we packed up and went to the top of the waterfall to throw things into it and see how fast they went down.
Ruby took her time noticing and collecting so many,many treasures along the way while Linda accompanied her and  the rest of them came with me as we climbed to the top of the stairs.  ELi easily threw things over and into the rushing water, Kuba had a hard time and wanted to climb up on the fence/ledge and did so, which he did with us aiding him, and Isabella took Kai on her “Mile and a Half!!!! run down the flat top through puddles, TWICE!!!  She wanted to do it again but Kai was finished so, she asked Eli and the two of them went RUNNING all the way down the flat area where you look out onto the lake.  We finally all made it over to them and there was a big puddle that we called Chocolate Milk. The children jumped and ran through this. Ruby then led us to a place for lunch and we found lot’s of Woodpecker sign. What was reallly fun to see was when it started to really rain the birds came out and started to feed!!! We had fun watching and noticing them.
When we left they all wanted to become the engines that they love to be and so , as engines, they ran down the hill to the bus.  There and one by one,they came in, got changed into warmer clothes, and got ready to go back home.  A beautiful beautiful wintery day!!

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