Marin Tender Tracks Wed. Dec. 16, 2015 Day 13

Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Linda had to very unexpectedly be gone today due to a large family need.  We sent her much love and care.  I shared with the children how we needed to stay together since there was just one grown up and five children and, there was NOT A PROBLEM with this. The day was far easier and more smooth then I expected and it was so very, very delightful and fun.
They were guided to find the spot where the sun was shining brightly for our circle time. They did  look and look and look about to find the Sun in the sky where it was shinning the brightest and,  they found it! and ran all the way over.   There we set up our circle in the glorious sun.  The children are so very interested and keen on noticing all the birds around us as we sang our songs. This is one of the many things I enjoy about your children, their joy of observing and loving the Natural world so much.  The story today was about how Robin got it’s redbreast, how some trees are Ever Green and why the Nightinggale sings all night long.  We looked throughout the day at the trees around us and noticed which ones had leaves and which ones did not.  After circle Ruby, Eli and Isabella ran off to play. They were fishing for very large fish with their fishing poles and gathering wood for a fire while Kai and Kuba began threading popcorn that we made last week and madrone berries onto needle and thread to make a string gift for the birds.  Kai really, really wanted to make this for his Mom. Happily to me when this was shared with the group no one  decided to do the same.  They just stayed with their  joy of giving what they made for the birds.  This does not always happen this way.
Kai and Kuba continued sewwing  for a very long time while the others continued playing  their games and they were all, REALLy good and skilled at threading popcorn and madrone berries with out a hitch!   It was finally time for lunch and they all peacefully gathered together and ate all their lunch.  Then Isabella, Eli and Ruby, intermittently, came in and sewed and were so happy and content doing so, they all were!!  Ruby and Eli went to hang theirs up on a tree. When Isabella and Kuba were  ready to do so they wanted to put theres where Ruby and Eli hung theirs. But alas, Eli and Rubi could not find theirs!!! We all went on a round and round about walk to find theirs but never did so, we just put the rest of ours up on a tree and enjoyed our gifts to the birds, where ever they all were.  Kai was very happy to tuck his safely away for Mom!
After this we found lot’s and lot’s of leaves that were PERFECT for piling up, throwing over our heads, making into big piles and rolling down the hill into.  Eli, Isabella, and Ruby mostly had so much fun with this!!!!  Kuba wanted to finish eating his lunch and Kai just laughed and laughed at the fun of watching everyone.  His laugh is so very infectious and heart opening.
We finally had to leave and Eli was not very happy about this. He just sat by a tree and then he said he saw our popcorn from last week stuck on a tree stump.  It looked like old fungus but it was near our fire pit where we made the fire last week. We finally got in the bus and had beautiful thank yous for our wonderful day here at Lake Lagunitas.

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