Marin Tender Tracks Wed. April 27, 2016 /Day 29

Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Eli was not with us today.

Today was Kuba’s Four year old birthday and Isabella had brought cup cakes and I brought Strawberries.  The children were very delighted to celebrate Kuba and he was happy to receive it all!  This also seemed like a great Milestone type of day due to the changes in social interactions.

Kai started the day with his typical joy over playing with Isabella and Isabella ALWAYS has a great time with whoever is sitting next to her in the bus. Therefore, on the way up to Lake Lagunitas Kai and Isabella were FILLED with fun and laughter while Ruby and Kuba were a bit more subdued.

Kai and Isabella played together and sat together for most of the morning and then the changes started to take place. After circle Isabella and Ruby were having such a good time gathering leaves and making things to eat and setting up a home.  Kuba was HAPPILY playing with a California Newt with Linda or sometimes on his own and Kai sat looking down a bit sad. He looked EXACTLY like the little Black Bunny in a book I have read to the children who would sit and look JUST LIKE HE DID when he was “thinking.”  What was he thinking? the book would ask?  And so Isabella and Ruby asked Kai because he looked so sad like the little Rabbit in the book ( the little Rabbit in the book was sad because he always wanted to have his best friend be his best friend). Well, after they asked him they began to play together. Little by little throughout the day Kai and Kuba would play more and more and all the children mixed their playing together up and included each other.

When it was time to take our adventure we climbed up a very big off trail hill and then we brought out the rope. Kuba and Kai LOVED this and they became the engine. They had sticks that made them go faster and faster until the end of the day. They worked/played together SOOOO beautifully, tenderly, respectfully and thoughtfully as they were the Engine that went fast then would stop. They took very good care of the caboose, Ruby and Isabella.

At the end of the day coming back Ruby and Isabella were not so interested in this game anymore.  During that time Isabella wanted to hold Ruby’s hand but Ruby did not want to hold her hand. Isabella looked a little sad but then, it all changed!!! and they were holding hands again and with big smiles.  Oh how great to be true to what you are feeling and wanting in the moment and then being able to change your mind and be so well received!

The story today was a birthday story of sorts.  There was a bird that dropped a seed from it’s mouth. The seed was nourished and nurtured by the wind, soil, sun and rain. It was protected by great trees during the harshest of weather. As the little tree grew the birds and animals loved to play in it/with it and when it got so very, very old the winds blew and it tumbled down only to go back into Mother Earths arms with the help of the many friends, like the ant people and the mushroom people.

Today we saw ant children and were blown around by the adventuresome Wind children.  We went to go see a great big Oak tree that had lived it’s grand life and then was blown back down to the Earth as well as right into the Lake.

The children found a fairy house and built it up all together.  Kuba and Kai played with chopping wood and Isabella and Ruby played at the Fairy house and finding ants and Tree Sap.

The day was so very, very precious, filled with great social/emotional growth. Kai got picked up a little early to go and celebrate his Mothers bday on this day and the rest of us drew our picture of the day of many of the things we saw and experienced: California newts, many Woodpeckers, Wind, Bay leaves, Ants, Tree Sap, Fairy Homes, Turtles, Rain at the beginning of the day, Clouds changing over our heads, blue sky, gray sky, laughter, games and fun.

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