Marin Tender Tracks Wed. April 20, 2016 Day 28

Waxing Moon
Bon Tempe

Eli is on holiday and Ruby came with her Daddy today!  Kuba was back from holiday as well as Isabella with stories from their adventures and Kai had a story about how he got burnt on his leg from sticky rice!!! Linda was back as well!

The cool air and winds were picking up again from out very hot weekend and beginning of the week while the clouds were playing with filling the sky then opening up for our Great Sun to shine warmth down upon us.

We had a story that they heard earlier in the year that used a real turtle shell for the story and we heard it again with joy.  This was to lead us back to our Turtle friends that we had so much fun with a few weeks ago.  Prior to going on a search for them the children were very involved in a game: Kuba was King of the Land and his Queen was Ruby. Together they tended to all their people, Kai and Isabella, with care and grace.

Up the mountain and down the mountain they went.  Kai was REALLY having a grand time with Isabella the first half of the day and they were filled with laughter and grand fun.

We made our way up the great big hill and Isabella’s strong legs from her last weeks hiking came in handy!!!  When we came close to the place where the turtles were a man said he tried, tried to walk ever so quietly near the turtles but no matter how quiet he was the turtles went away. He also said that last week he had seen 5 otters playing there.  So, we did our best to sneak, sneak, sneak up with our quietest selves but alas! there were NO Turtles. Not even one. We thought if we sat and ate our lunch they would come back like they have done in the past but, no turtles ever showed up. However, Crows and Swallows did.  As we sat down to eat Ruby was very involved with wanting to sit quietly upon the logs and have Linda feed her her lunch.  Kuba was FILLED with stories, Isabella was winding down and stayed the rest of the day just eating in peace and ease and Kai, he ate and then he and Ruby went on to the “boat”, a log that last time we were here they helped Linda “sail away on.”  They sat for a very long time “fishing” right next to each other so very, very, very sweetly. Kuba, Isabella and I spent a great deal of time watching this Black Bird walk all around one side of the hill in front of us eating, drinking, hoping, and exploring. The curiosity was, “Can it fly???”  So, we watched and watched and watched and finally, IT FLEW!!!!  More Black birds came in and then there were a lot of Crows with very curious and interesting behaviors. We then found a Lady Bug and had so much fun with it. Kuba loved trying to pick it up but alas, it flew away!!!

We then watched the clouds and found Pictures to our Questions above our heads.

Creation of timelessness took place and there was a beautiful moment of rest and release that was found.
On the way over to this place Kai, Isabella and I were following some tracks and trying to figure out what they were. Kai then playfully made some funny tracks and said “Who made those!!!” 🙂

Back in the bus they really wanted to draw our pictures of the day. We didn’t have time but we did talk all about the pictures from last week, the other Tender Trackers pictures and what we would draw if we could. That last part was while we were driving.
Sweet, Sweet day it was.

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