Marin Tender Tracks Wed. April 13, 2016 Day 27

Lake Lagunitas
Waxing Half Moon

Kuba and Isabella were away for the day, Linda was home sick and Ruby returned. It was very nice to have her back with us!

I took them to our old spot where we were on the little hill top and the Sun shone upon us.  The big old horse trough was there filled to the brim with water, sticks all around and plants and such to make magick potions!   Eli was having a lot of fun flicking the water about with a stick though Ruby and Kai were not so keen on this. So, of course, there were some negotiations around all of that.  We came into circle with songs, story and snack and then we went to see the Fairy house!  We decided to make our own and began gathering material from all around. Together we made a home for the fairies that we truly enjoyed. We left gifts for them too. Well, the children snitched  a few gifts from the other Fairy house or rather transferred them to our new home. They were neighbors and all! 🙂
They love to play Hide and Go Seek so, in honor of some of the Rabbit songs we have been singing and Easter having just passed, I became the Momma Rabbit and they became the baby rabbits that went hop, hop, hop, hop away. “Oh dear where have my little treasures gone??? ” I wondered.

“Baby rabbits, Baby Rabbits, where are you???”  There was a great deal of noise coming from one area but that couldn’t be my baby rabbits as they are usually so very still and quiet, and then, and then, I heard little sounds of “hop, hop, hop, hop, hop…..”  and, I found them!!!

This was such a marvelous game as they would finally settle into stillness in the bush and then quietly start saying , “hop, hop, hop, hop, ” wherever they went.

We then made our way down to the waters as Eli was very very curious about something orange he saw in the distance.  We never made it to that though as they found MUD!  Eli and Ruby had the time of it running in and out of the mud and painting themselves. Kai joined in yet not to the full extent that these two did.  They were like PIGS in HEAVEN and the rest of the day was going from getting muddy, muddy, muddy, to washing off in the lake then getting Muddy, Muddy, Muddy and washing off int he lake.  At one point Kai and Ruby were at the mud place and Eli found little fish swimming about. He was enthralled.

We also found some great tracks that we had fun with.

Then we finally gave the last clean up and then made it back to the bus where we drew our picture of the day and made it back down the hill to home.

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