Marin Tender Tracks Tues. Sept. 23, 2014 Day 5

New Moon
Lake Lagunitas

What a fine and very full day.  It seems that everyone is settling in quite nicely.  Comfortability by way of showing ones more authentic self is present and routine is beginning to be found with, might  I say, comfort.   We went back here to take a journey on the OTHER side of the lake and, to take our lead from the story for this week: Three Wishes.  I am carrying on with utilizing Trilly Truly and Trippy Troopy’s adventures with their Grandmother and the stories she tells them.  Autumn had just arrived, the days are getting colder and shorter and they needed to go gather wood for the upcoming long days and nights. Grandmother told them a story to aid them on their journey.
To Begin circle we added a circle song/dance after our other songs and then made it to sitting in a circle just as round as Grandmother Moon.   After circle they played in the area and DID find another California Newt with Linsey.  I took Velia and Ariel to the bathroom. Velia wanted to use the bathroom so she did but Ariel wanted to use a tree, so she did!
When we all got back together we gathered our belongings as well as bags to be used for gathering our wood.  They learned that it is very, very beneficial for a forest to gather the dead wood underneath the trees so that when Fire Faieries dance in the forest they will not be able to burn as much up.  We were going to help this forest so offf we went.
We navigated our way up a big hill.  Half got to the top first.  I showed them how to make some stone mounds that will help us know that we are on the right path when we make our way back.  When Velia got to the top she thought that would be GREAT fun to kick it apart. But oh dear, the other children that built it did not like that so, I found something else for her to kick.  The children then were guided to find the stone stairs and then the Woodpecker forest.   Their ears and eyes got big and wide as they listened to the many birds and saw some of them too!  It was ENzo, during the middle of the day, who spied a Woodpecker with Linsey.  We didn’t share the name as we encourage him, and the others, to notice as much as they can: colors, type of beaks,how big etc.  This is a way of expanding their relationship to the bird instead of just giving out the name and then moving on.  The name is always spoken about and when they finally put it together they will know alot more about the bird tin the end.   Ask me more and I will share in more depth about this.
Enzo, Julian, Theron and I were at the top of one part of the trail where it veered off. I worked with them on going up ahead on the trail and then looking back to find land marks that will help us find our way back at the end of our day.  It worked I might add too because when we were walking back they all commented, ‘We’re on the right path!’
Right before we got to where I was wanting us to go we found a great dead tree with small sticks that they could break off and, they did.  Then we went into a beautiful space right in front of the water and settled in.
There were little emotional scuffles here and there and they were embraced with love, patience, kindness, inclusivity of the group, space, and helpful words.  It was all mostly tended too accept at the end of the day Jai was still left with some discontened feelings.  The good news is, there are many more days to find ways to be with our friends and work together.   When we were in our spot we wound up gathering lots of dry wood, figuring out what is really dry and what isn’t and we broke open a small branch that was SOOOO deliciously aromatic!    They all smelled with delight.
Many of the sticks were too long for our big bag so I brought out my saw.  One by one they all came around to watch.  I cut the sticks mostly through and then they would hit it up against a tree and eventually it would break.   Julian and Jai figured out how to just take sticks and hit them against trees and some would break on their own.  Enzo loved this as well as, well really, all of them!  This lasted until we needed to go back.
They found their way back without a hitch by looking at the sun, remembering parts of the trail, pointing to where they thought the bus was and then figuring out a short cut.
When we got back a friend of theirs was there. They were delighted and invited her in to take a look at the bus.  We then made our way back to Deer park but not without our wonderful end of the day thank yous.  One of my favorites was VElia’s ” I am really glad that we get to come here and hike all around!”

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