Marin Tender Tracks Tues. Oct. 27, 2015 Day 13

Full Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

This is truly a beloved place and, after all of our morning endeavours we discovered more wonders just so close by!
This was to be a big day as we were to finish our tinder bundle pouches, pound oyster shells for white paint, pound oak galls for Thursday party, sew buttons on, make handles and…oh dear, what else?  Oh right, have fun exploring, playing games, being apart of this grand place.  All happened but not all finished yet a great and beautiful day took place.
Rhett was filled with a roaming and happily building and exploring self today.
Xander was glad that Aaron was back and he and Aaron became GREAT runners after Layton and Ione who kept saying”Chase me, Chase me!!” and they did!!!! With absolute glee!
Aaron, well even though he came with some sniffles he was smiling and happy all day.
Velia was in her Leopard/Cheetah, entire! outfit and was so strong!  She carried two heavy pails and a heavy water bottle all the way to our circle area with absolute delight with her self.
Talay straight away found the most precious little toy. Someone had made a little mousey friend by using a Teasel plant and two acorn halves for ears. She loved it and thought that for sure the Fairies left it.  How could I refute that!?
Ione was fast as lightening today and pouring forth fun and exuberance. Ariel was filled with smiles, game sharing and many stories.  Layton loved sharing some songs at circle that actually Talay began, Alara carried on and and Layton offered.  Talay was cuddly, playful and just filled with fun.
They all went back to the wonderful tree where they climbed on, bounced on and became trees near.  They LOVED playing in all of their shelters there.
Pounding the oyster shells in Mortar and Pestle and hammering the Oak Galls was a great delight. When the buttons came out for each to find for their pouches they had such a good time creating games and fun with these buttons.
After lunch it was clear that we needed to move our bodies away from here and explore just a bit so, after taking out Rhett’s soaking cape and Michelle’s children’s capes, we saw such beautiful colors. Then, off we went to explore.  All the rest went ahead and I heard Alara helping Layton tie her shoes.  I became a kitty cat and Layton LOVED!!! this. She wanted me to be her kitty for the rest of the day. Well I was able to a lot but of course not all day.  As we were climbing over a big log and going ahead, I looked back and there was Io quite relaxed hanging on to a tree stump like a cat with all it’s limbs stretched out. She couldn’t get down and just calmly waited there. I came back and guided her down. All the rest of the children came back and then we found ourselves playing in this area for the rest of our time together.
They discovered some GREAT new hiddey places where there was a little hole to crawl through that led to like a little chamber. This chamber could be viewed from outside and up the side of the tree.  What fun they had crawling through there and wanted me to but alas, I thought I might get stuck like Winney the Pooh after eating too much Honey at Rabbits house!!!!  So, after going half way in, I scrambled backwards and out and let the going in to be for the children.
I wound up playing a song on my flute for each one of them and then they all lined up to have the flute play for them all to dance to. This then turned into freeze play, I play, stop, they freeze then play again. Then Xander shared an animal game where they become whatever animal they wish from a farm while I play. They all loved that and then it was time to go.  In the bus they shared many things they experienced through the day and Michelle drew pictures of their descriptions up on the front of the bus where the moon shines.  The three year olds had some of their pictures drawn from the week before up there and now these “Older Tender Trackers” had their pictures to add.
And oh yes, at lunch time Michelle mesmerized us with a great story about Coyote and a little mouse and how they became friends even though Coyote actually loves to eat little mice!

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