Marin Tender Tracks Tues. May 26, 2015 Day 65

Waning Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

Theron was out sick today, Velia had a hard night and met us there at about 11 am and Michelle needed to meet us at Roy’s Redwoods as well.
The days over all picture:  easeful, sweet, explorative, creative and cold the first part of the day.
We celebrated Julians 5th birthday with wonderful cupcakes, grapes and carrots that diminished their lunch needs and expanded their joy of taking in such a fun treat.  Julian seemed happy with his story and gift though said little and smiled sweetly.
At the beginning of the day Julian, Enzo, sometimes Nico and Eland, Michelle’s son, were having a grand time building and building and building a structure they have been playing with since the first day we went to this place.  And oh yes, today at Roy’s we went to the lower site near the porta potties.   The girls were very busy with their games of family too.  After circle and exploring up the hill to find a great tree cave!!! we packed up and made our way into and on an adventure.  But again, oh yes, there was a lot of making sure we got warm clothing on and I am very happy to say they have been doing GREAT!!! with handing me there mittens when they take them off so that we don’t loose them.  The girls are even gaining more and more skill with accepting  mitten’s that are not the color that they would prefer!
As we walked the children were not sure where they were along this trail and they looked for familiar landmarks.  I re oriented them to the sound of the cars, where we parked, they pointed in the diretion of where the bus was, were correct and they felt safer.  Then, they found some familiar ground, we found a spot that they found last time, squatted down to eat, the sun came pouring out on us and all was sweet!!!
Michelle took the girls today on the daily poop party and on this day they were DELIGHTED to dig their very own holes for the poop.
Enzo, Julian, Eland and I stayed and carved with knives, rocks and vegetable peelers, some sticks that I needed carving.
When all were back I read some stories. We then had to pack up and find our way back as well as look about to see if we could find my missing knife.  We never found my knife but we did find our way back.  We also had a little more time so we played Little Tommy Tittle Mouse, made our way into the bus and back to our park!

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