Marin Tender Tracks Tues. May 24, 2016 Day 6 3

Waning Moon
Bon Tempe

What a beautiful and sweet day!  We had a visitor who is a Stanford Student who originates from and is going back to Rural China.  He wants to bring more nature connection back home.  His presence was just so very beautiful. He was like a light, soft and loving being and Io, in particular, spent a lot of time with him and loved that he was Chinese! Other children had such fun time talking with him and playing with him as well.

Velia rejoined us today from her travels and she seemed to have had such a grand time with her Mom, family and friends.
We went back to Bon Tempe and Layton said when we got there “I LOVE this place!”

It was a day of adventure back to a place that we had been once upon a time . However, as we had a playful fun time going down the road, past the Turtles, over the creek, through the old mud spot, through the great Doug Fir grove, over the hill, out in the open, we came upon a welcoming place to stop for the day. And at this spot, up on the hill we saw and heard a female and a male Turkey.  We scooted about trying to get the best view of these beings. Some saw well and others did not.  Throughout the day however we could hear them roaming about.

In this play the children’s play  was so beautiful. Lunch followed fairly soon after we arrived yet after eating it was PLAYING IN THE WATER TIME!!!  Velia, Layton, Alara and Io took off their clothes and went into the water. Rhett joined them for a little bit yet when he got a bit cold he re clothed himself.  Aaron was having a great time making a special creation in the mud with his bare feet, the girls were working very hard at making a boat.  When they tried it out they all began to sink, and with great laughter!  Io was having a fine time in Michelle’s lap drawing and making maps with utter glee.

We had to get cleaned up rather quickly and then there was the walk home.  Io started with our new friend but after a bit ran up ahead.  Velia walked the rest of the way back with our friend and this was her thank you at the end of the day.  She truly enjoyed his company so very much.  Aaron was a bit slower then our needs too so I began to play with him by way of pushing his big block of wood he was taking home that was in his back pack and singing a little song. He REALLY liked this little song and he sang with me and wanted us to sing ALLL the way back!  It turns out he was a horse and I was the cart!  3/4 of the way back Rhett met us on the road. He became a horse, there was a lot of steering them and then Rhett took off on his own horsey way.  Back in the bus we just had grand good byes and a ride back home where they wanted me to tell many stories that have remembered throughout the year.  With a lot of variations, I did! 🙂

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