Marin Tender Tracks Tues. May 10, 2016 Day 59

Waxing Crescent Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

Rhett was out sick today and will be gone on Thursday.

The weather was warm and welcoming.  When we got into the bus and began our journey movie talk began.  It was clear that not all the children were familiar with all this talk.  I brought in a way of speaking that I have done many times in the past and the jist of that is: Since not all people are familiar with these movies we leave them to be spoken about outside of Tender Tracks and have conversations that all can participate in. And so it happened. From there they began to share nature stories from their week off.

When we got there we walked straight to the “Bouncy tree” area.   Michelle, since it was Tuesday, met us there.  She was right behind us too so we basically began our day together when we got to our spot.

They fanned out to play on the bouncy tree, climb the big tree, explore the “Redwood Cathedral” and welcome this place into their hearts and bodies.

We brought them into circle a little differently with a new song, we brought in a new way of cleaning ourselves,smudging with sage, and then we sat down and sang our three new tree songs.

They loved having the smoke from the sage waft over them with the help of a feather and to sing our little song “Washing washing, all the clouds away. Washing, washing All the clouds away.”   It came at a perfect time because  Ariel was very unhappy about something. So smudging/washing away the unhappy feelings, was a good thing to happen.

Michelle told the story today and it was all about the Barter Fair that you received information on.  This was to introduce them into making things for their up and coming Bartering Faire.

They made felt balls a couple of days prior  yet no one wanted to make them into necklaces.  I had hidden some necklaces in the trees with the thought that they might want to take them apart and restring them.  They didn’t want to.  So it was just fun for them to expand their awareness eyes into finding small things camouflaged.

Aaron was up for hearing a lot of stories today. Walking there with Io I told them both a story about the Lion King and the Mighty Mouse that saved him, TWICE!!  He loved it so much he wanted to hear it on the way back.   He later on asked me to make up a story about a Well.  I told a grand story that Ariel and Velia came right in to hear as well as Io a bit later and the others were working around as I told.

On this day: Layton was DELIGHTED with hammering and making something special with hammer, nails,wood and leaves that she found.  Alara loved doing the same as well as making a necklace with Michelle.  Aaron was superb with using the vegetable peeler and sharpening a couple of sticks.  The children were very impressed!!!    Velia was happy to help Michelle a little bit with her necklace. Io was very delighted with climbing, climbing, climbing a couple of favorite trees and Ariel was very involved with playing house and did not get interested in making anything.

It was nice to see them play on the bouncy tree and climb so much.  There was support with how to get up and down these big trees and go further then usual.

It was a fine day to come back after holiday.

I wore some new earrings that have little critters feet on them. But what critter are they from????  There was a lot of noticing of their shape, size, how many toes, what type of nails and more.  Some figured it out and some were so very curious still.

We were blessed with spotting a very little and fast chipmunk!!!  We were also visited by this great Creeper gray bird with a bit of a curled beak.  Then, Ariel was recited a tale about a very greedy Crow. As she was telling it who should show up above us but CROW!!

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