Marin Tender Tracks Tues. March 8, 2016 Day 43

New Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Michelle was home with her sick son, Aaron was home recovering from being sick and Brinkley came to play with us for the day.   This day started out with warm and sunny skies and did not take long to begin it’s journey into gray and quite cold.   When we got to Lake Lagunitas they ran out and went with Brinkley on a grand adventure under the water fall’s long structure where it is always dry.  I was getting things for the day out.
I then went looking for them all.  When I found them they were frozen or turning themselves into “Bad Witches” so said Layton. They had found charcoal from burnt sticks and were painting themselves.  Brinkley and I had then turned into bad witches and then good ones.  The children were delighted with this game they created and that we played along with.
At circle we had a new story about How Rabbit got it’s Long ears, cotton tail, and crooked legs and Why the Willow trees get little soft puffs in the Spring.
There were so many things that happened today so I think I am just going to make a list here:
• ROUSING bandaid tag
• Blind fold game called “Find a Tree”  The blindfolded person is lead by a friend to a tree and then brought back again. The unfolded person then tries to find the tree they were led to.  Velia loved this with Brinkley.  Rhett loved playing it with me. The others all led each other with joy.
• Sitting very, very peacefully, first begun by Io, then one by one each child came over until everyone was there watching a Cormorant playing, splashing and diving in the water.
• Climbing across the creek on a log to see the newly fallen tree
• Climbing on the newly fallen tree on the other side and having a lot of fun with it
• Making Fairies from the Bay tree flowers
• Playing in water, making cob house bricks
• Playing with mud and creating many, many worlds with it
• Getting cold, getting warm, eating lunch, hearing stories, telling stories, all playing together and creating together
• Changing party
• Putting up many of the things we saw, heard and did during the day.
It was truly a very full and very fun yet unfolding day at a great pace.
I know I am leaving out some things and not giving you personal details so here is a little more:
Velia: was so very proud of herself climbing, all by herself and on her own initiative up the big fallen down tree
Rhett: he is going to marry Layton and”they are going to have children”  He really enjoyed doing the blind fold game
Alara: Happy, happy happy playing with mud, water, friends, chasing, painting with charcoal and making mud bricks
Layton:  in joy with playing and running around her tree, playing blind fold game, being in water and so much more.
Ione: Finding the Cormorant and spending so much time watching it. Being in the games with everyone and guiding a blind folded friend.
Ariel: She came to Tender Tracks filled with joy, playfullness and fun for the whole day.

I took many photos and at the moment I am not able to download any for you so, please ask to see them from my phone.




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