Marin Tender Tracks Tues. March 31, 2015 Day 51

Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Thea and Nico are on holiday all week and Julian was out sick that left five children, Michelle and myself.
The weather was warm and filled with Spring scents of new life and expansion.
I have been telling Michelle about the HUGE Bullfrog Tadpoles I found there a couple of years ago and I had not seen them yet.  Well, she, Theron and Enzo DID find the Bullfrog Tadpoles and they all ran over to let the rest of us know about them.  We went over and looked and looked and looked and finally, WE SAW THEM!!!  What a treat, treat, treat. They are truly a wonder to behold.
We of course found many more California Newts swimming under the water and they are so mesmerizing to watch.
Today was the day to dye our eggs for Thursdays fun.  All of the parents brought coffee grounds, I brought beets + all the yellow onion skins I saved as well as Tumeric and two types of avocado dye: one boiled in cast iron which was a green color and one just boiled in stainless steel, a pink color.   So, we had five different colors as we added the tumeric to the onion skins. We used the camp stoves for all of this and the children needed to get water for the stoves in different pots.
Enzo and Theron had a great deal of fun exploring our large space where we go to at Lake Lagunitas and they getting more and more skilled with knowing what the boundaries are.  Of late there have been a lot of older children from other schools doing things there so we have had lot’s of “company” to greet, observe and enjoy.   All of the children became owls and different animals as we all explored our area.
During story time I read them half of a book that I almost always read this time of year:  The Country Bunny.  It is such a delightful book and they were all in grossed in it.  There are also a couple new Rabbit songs and verse’s with lot’s of hand movements. It is very fun to watch them work with their hands to figure this all out.
After the dyes were ready we got our eggs out but oh yes, the boys went on a grand adventure with Michelle up and over and across the top edge of our place where the Lake is and finally made it down. While they did that, Hana, Ariel, Velia and I became joyfully involved in dying our eggs and seeing what different colors came from each dye vat.
When the boys returned  they easily joined in with the fun and then after that we experimented dying the wool that they had washed and dried on other days.
The rest of the day was filled with games, and explorations of the area along with cleaning up.

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