Marin Tender Tracks Tues. March 3, 2015 Day 43

Waxing Gibbous Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Thea and Nico were absent today and everyone else was back from Holiday.  We all received Michelle in with loving arms and had the most beautiful and flowing day.  Michelle was very impressed with their comfort on the earth and how they just ran out and got right into their imaginary worlds utilizing all that surrounded them: trees, hidey holes, water, creek, and the like.
After they got fully immersed in their environment like greetting and spending time with a dear friend, I called them into circle and they came with ease.   We had some old songs and some new songs. I have posted here all of our songs. Some of them you know and some new. This is what I made for Michelle.

They also had a new story about a little mouse waking up from a lonely cold winter and looking for friends.  He befriended a little green stalk that wound up turning into a beautiful Spring flower.  And from this story all day there were questions about little plants and if this is who the little mouse befriended and then we would look at more and more of the lovely plants that are blooming and growing all around.
The girls and the boys split up into groups very quickly and they were peacefully content with that.  Theron, Enzo and Julian had lunch and played in a beautiful and magickal redwood tree.  Jai was in and out with them and me.  Prior to lunch I was recently shown a way to introduce young children to carving by way of a vegetable peeler.  I only had two and one was really the one that worked best. However, all the boys sat down to listen to the safety instructions and they EACH follwed them GREATLY!!  They then shared this fun with each other with ease.
I look forward to when I get some more. I needed to see which peeler worked the best.  Julian and Jai were really having the most fun with it. Enzo just needed one that worked better and Theron was not as interested.  We then explored an old place that we went slippy slidding up and down in the past. Michelle came over later and we switched places.
She had taken the girls  to go to the bathroom and on their way back they picked large bouquets of Miners lettuce for us to eat and flowers for their families.
We all kind of got together at lunch and then each group went their own way.  Hana and Ariel only wanted to play with each other even though Velia wanted to play with them so the common words and thoughts that were given were, “Ariel, when you wish to play with Velia again will you let her know?”  She agreed with a gentle smile and Velia was content with that.  Jai and I sat to eat together, Velia near by, Ariel and Hana needed to put their lunch away before they ran off to play or else finish it and the Crows showed us later on why this is a good idea: They ate all of Theron’s pretzels that were left out!!!
After a while MIchelle was with the boys at their special house and the creek.  Theron ran over to let the girls and I know that they had caught a baby blue belly lizard and would we like to come and see it?  He thought Velia shouldn’t come because she pushes to much.  Velia looked at him with her kind and sweet face and said “Oh I won’t do that” and then we all ran over to see.  She was true to her word, Theron was gentle with the tender creature and got to hold it and they all petted the sweet lizard.  We stayed in that area at the creek and played and played and told stories and then Jai and I went to explore the climbing tree near by. As I expected, one by one children came over to check it all out.  First it was Enzo and Julian. Jai showed them how to climb up and then up and up up they did go.  Finally everyone made it over there and explored climbing.  Julian and Theron discoverd a log that made a GREAT tetter totter which Michelle aided them with.
After much exploration and play in this area we saw people up above us on the ridge. Michelle said they looked like they were walking on the clouds so, we made our way up and up and up the big stairs and explored, a world we know, in yet a different way then before.  They found a great big rock there to climb, many, many flowers to make into bouquets that got tied together with long grasses, throwing sticks down the water fall to see if they went quickly like they had done in the past, observing the Commerants, clouds and the joy of being On Top Of The World!!
What a beautiful and fulfilling day.
And oh yes, the boys and I played, from their suggestions, our game Little Tommy Tittle Mouse and Bandaid Tag.

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