Marin Tender Tracks Tues. March 29, 2016 Day 49

Waning Gibbous Moon
Cascade area

Spring, warmth, cool breeze, sky going to dark and cold on and off, Cicada’s singing, frogs chorus to be heard, birds mating and singing, butterflies dancing their dance and waters refreshing and inviting.  These were just a few things of this day that surrounded us all along with more heart rocks to be found here with great ease reminding us of how we are so very,very, loved!

At Circle time Rhett said that he was going to marry Layton and Alara and they were going to have children. Later on in the day he said he was going to grow up to be a police man and a singer and take good care of his family. As Michelle noticed and I as well, we’ve never heard a child include “and I’m going to take care of my family.”  He is such a treasure!!!!  We had circle rather quickly because Io instantly wanted to take her close off and go into the water.  She was in her element today and wanted mostly to just be on her own.  Velia followed her lead and most of the day they were creating a home and a world out there that brought them tremendous joy, ease, peace and great harmony within themselves.

At circle we had a lovely story that I read every time this year called Rabbits Wedding. I was actually going to tell another story due to all the winds we had this weekend but after Rhett announced his marriages I knew that this was truly the perfect story.  I also read this tale this time of year because it is so very perfect for this age. Rhett is right on target developmentally with his weddings and loves!

After circle they ran to the water for explorations. I brought down the dirty wool that I have and wash boards and began cleaning the wool. It took seconds before one by one they came by asking what I was doing. From there such beauty, such great beauty took place as the children peacefully sat by the water cleaning wool.  Aaron made a little stone circle where he could clean his. Layton went out to the middle of the water and so very, very peacefully sat for a long time cleaning her wool.  Alara and Ariel cleaned with wash board and stones and then, we got some of the old soap root I have, made a stone circle to keep the soap root contained and began to wash their socks: soap root and washboard at hand.

I strung up a rope for the wool to be hung out to dry and they went back and forth hanging their wool up.

We all had lunch together sitting by the water listening, listening to the beauty all around us.   Then, back to exploration, building stone configurations and basking in the day.

Some rangers came by and told us that we actually were not supposed to be even wading on the edges of the water due to the Steelhead protection here so the children put their clothes on and we stayed out of the water.  We wound up back to where our packs and things were and took down the wool.   We then started to play jump rope with a rope I had. I then took the rope and they each held onto it, closed their eyes and became caterpillars looking for their spot to build their cocoon.   I walked them around for a bit as their eyes were closed and they used their ears and feet to see the world.  I brought them to a beautiful grassy patch where  they curled up like caterpillars. One by one they began to come awake, pop out of their cocoons, let their wings puff up and then fly to all the beautiful flowers.  How alive and beautiful they were with all of this.

It was then time to gather our belongings and make our way to the bus.  Inside Michelle brought them into closing their eyes and seeing what they were thankful for and then she drew the pictures of the day on our picture board. She then wrote down one word of gratitude up there.

When the Rangers came by they asked Michelle “what are the children studying?”  I wanted to bring them  through some awareness of how much was being learned in a way that the children would NEVER know that they were learning anything yet, they were “learning” so much and in the old style called Invisible teaching. It was such a glorious day as life brought grace to each one of their lives as they unfolded their True Authentic Selves in the loving arms of life.

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