Marin Tender Tracks Tues. March 17, 2015 Day 47

Waning Crescent Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Today was filled with wonderful highs and grand lows as far as gentle and aggressive type energy.  I wish to share that it was truly the most challenging day that we have had though the behaviors were not new they were far more pronounced and of concern.( Therefore this is a bit of a challenging blog to write.  It is always nice to read really lovely things and the truth is, the natural or unnaturalness of things can be a bit un attractive to our pallets.)
I will begin with that which is easily and comfortably received.
Nico, Thea, Michelle and I believe Hana, found a lot of lizards and possibly a skink!  They were absorbed and engrossed in this find. Later we even saw one Lizard that had lost a foot, not a tail, but a foot and was still moving about in rapid speed.   Julian Thea, Nico, Velia, Ariel and Hana came right in for circle and were soothed by the gentle songs. Finally the others came in and became settled by the same.  With Michelle and I working in harmony with snack and story their bodies needs were easily met as I told them a story about Sean O’Hoolohan, a Leprichan, Mrs. O’Malley and how Sean learned to find “gold” all around him, in the golden flowers, the yellow daffodiles, the yellow buttercups and the golden rays of the sun.  We began the days making cream into butter and seeing it go from white to golden.  The instrument I was using disconnecting ina way that we couldn’t figure out how to fix.  We found another container and shook and shook and shook and shook and we finally did it, we made our own beautiful and golden butter.  We then got to spread it on fresh baked bread with fresh honey.  They also got to drink the whey and wanted more and more and more but we only had a little from making our butter.  They then drank up all the lemon water that we usually have.
They were completely silent for the story.
Michelle brought in a fun game called One fish two fish red fish blue fish.  She stands with her eyes closed and a treasure in her hand.  The children walk closer and closer to get the treasure. When she opens her eyes they are to stop.  It then morphed into the person who held the treasure actually RECEIVED a treasure from those trying to get to her hand while her eyes were closed.
Some of the troubling states:There was a lot of misuse of sticks in a way that just carried on to the point where they had to be told to simply  put all the stick away.  A circle was created due to hurting one another but even with that they were not able to stay present like they usually are.
I had already planned to lay out “golden Nuggets” from the Leprechaun but now seemed like a good time to re route the energy and get them focused so, 
I  secretly laid out “golden nuggets” while Michelle was teaching them how to look for small and wonderful things.   I enjoyed Velia’s pure and still intact innocence when she just was so very, very curious as to when and how the Leprechaun left his gold!!!

As we followed the trail looking, looking, looking for more gold we wound up settling down at a spot near the pond where indeed settling did primarily take place.  Michelle and a helper went to go get all the lunch backpacks as it was 12:15 and time to give them more water and food.   They all sat down to eat though Theron was less than interested and Enzo had already eaten everything in his lunch.  I fed Enzo apple from my lunch which he really liked yet Jai liked having my carrots and cucumbers.  Velia tried my daikon but decided she really didn’t like it, too spicy.
There was much playing in the mud, the water and a lot of turtles that we saw early on as well as swimming in the water.  There were stories to be told while children rested, my hair to be played with, boys fishing for fish and Michelle having a “fire pit” on the shore to cook all of the “fish” that they caught.
I will not name the hard time that each child had other then to say please view this link:
A you tube by Gordon Neufeld on Aggression. It is just the very beginning of a training.  I do not have this specific DVD in my library to share with you but I will in the near future for your support and understanding as well as for myself to continue to aid, understand and support us all with these situations.  I thank you for taking the time to watch this ten minute film.

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