Marin Tender Tracks Tues. June 7, 2016 Day 67

Waxing Crescent Moon
Car wash and Sorich

What a very fun last day.
The highlights:

• Washing the bus, lots of suds, lots of rags and washing with glee, happiness, involvement and fun. And, wow, the bus looked great and clean!!!

• Trade Blanket:  What a GREAT success! the children had so much fun and really stayed so very present and with the way in which the Trade Blanket works.  I believe my favorite part was when they finished the trade. This is where, when the exchange is made a handshake is given with “Nice Trade” spoken one to the other.  ALL of the children seemed to love this part and it was beautiful to see these young ones follow this way of respect one to the other.

• Visting the garden for the last time down the road and seeing the chickens and the incredible garden that has been really worked and prepared for the new season.

This was a day of completions, exchanges and on going social growth.

This is a very short journal due to much preparation for the last day and Fairfax Ecofest!!

See you all this coming Thursday for our big end of the year party!!!

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