Marin Tender Tracks Tues. June 2, 2015 Day 67

Full Moon
Lake Lagunitas

This was a gloriously beautiful day with Suns warmth upon us, gentle breezes and the smell of summer on the tips of the wind.   The waterfall is getting smaller and smaller yet the Bull frog TadPoles are as large as ever!    Today we celebrated Theron’s B’day.  He doesn’t like a lot of attention on himself so when we began to sing a special song to him he covered his ears and I had us all just sing it once very, very quietly and then left it at that.  I have seen this reaction often over the years too.
We had a very delicious chocolate Paleo treat that everyone enjoyed, a little play, and then off in a direction that Theron wanted to go in; towards the lake past the parking lot.
We have had such good times here in the past and Theron loves staring out at the Lake here so, this is where we went.  They all really wanted to eat so Theron decided that under the trees would be just fine and everyone else agreed.
It didn’t take too long for the children, one by one, to discover the slippy sliddey mud that went into the water near a rock that they liked, climbed to and onto.  Pretty soon all but Julian were taking off some or most of their clothes and turning into pure mud babies and then washing off  the mud in a beautiful little lake bath that they found near the rock.  Watching them was so very magickal as they were no where else but their senses and being One with Life.  Julian, though not in the mud, did  take off some of his clothes and get in the water. However, when he went to go to another side he slipped in the mud and did not like that. He then chose to change his clothes and he and I went on an adventure near by to do so.
This play went on for quite awhile until, while I was with Julian and Michelle was joyfully watching the children a yell came “Wendolyn!”  I turned and ran to Michelle who called as Velia, according to Hana, let go of the rock and, slipped in and under the water!!!!!!  Michelle jumped in, I ran over, we pulled her out, she cried it out and then told the tale.  After much love, hugs and tending to all the children, we packed up, made it to a different spot, finished lunch and then went home.
My joy of the day was while I was waiting for Julian to get dressed and Lizard came very near me and just kept walking around me.  I got to have such a good time with it.  The other joy was truly watching the children have such a GRAND!!! time playing with the mud and water.  And oh yes, Everett, by mid day was completely sick, lethargic and saying so as he could barely keep his head up.  I followed his lead that night.  May this sickness pass through us quickly.

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