Marin Tender Tracks Tues. Jan. 26, 2016 Day 33

Waning Crescent Moon
Roy’s Redwood

Ione was gone today and will be gone all week.
Today was a day that had a warmth to it and Sunshine that we have not seen in many, many weeks.  When we got here Michelle greeted us and let us know that there was a large group of children here for the whole day and our favorite spot that we usually venture to will be filled to the brim with other children.  This turned out to be great because, we took a whole new path and wound up finding a wonderful, wonderful new place.
When we got there though the learning curve of keeping yourself drier then you would want since it is the beginning of the day still has not kicked in for some.  The learning continues:)   So Layton, Alara and Talay made their way quickly to the most beautiful new waterfalls and water flows that were happening here.  The water was truly tempting if you are a water child with it’s flowing glory!!!!  We all ventured up the stream to a place we often go and the children had so much fun.  Layton really wanted to get changed so she and I went back to the bus along with Talay.  The Tender Tracks boots that we had already put Talay in were actually too big so she came to get the smaller pair.
They got changed and then we went back to have circle time.
They were quite squirrely today and Michelle brought them back in with her Michelle magick of love, skill, clarity and support for being in circle and for the children.  What a gift she is!
I brought in a story that would aid greater understanding and respect one to the other. The story included many different animals made out of coconuts husks. They really loved playing with these after circle was over.
After some more exploring of the great waters moving with grace around us Talay, Layton and I went to the bus to take care of some more clothing needs while the others began an adventure. Michelle had seen some great tracks before we got their and brought the children in that direction, the trail towards the golf course.
When Layton, Talay and I were done at the bus we were trying to find them. Everything was quiet as we walked down the trail. We began following all sorts of tracks and working at distinguising our friends tracks from other peoples and the animals tracks we were finding in the mud. Talay was sure she knew Michelles tracks.
As we walked and walked we were really beginning to wonder where they all were when we heard them coming. But then we decided to get camouflaged. We tried to find a great place but there was just too much poison Oak and Berry bushes to hide in. We went further and further back down the trail until there was a bunch of logs. The two of them rumphed around to find a comfortable way to lay down while I covered them with dead tree branches.   They laid so still. All of a sudden Michelle came down the trail. She said the children found an Eagles nest and we should go. But oh yes, she didn’t know where the girls were and then,  THERE THEY WERE HIDDEN!!!!!!  They came out, Michelle went to get all the back packs for lunch. We went up the trail and saw many colorful Eagles in a beautiful and large Rock nest off the trail and up the hill. But oh yes, by the time we got there the Eagles had turned into Princes and Princesses!!!  We joined with delight at this beautiful place.
It was so warm up there and the Sun was shining so gently upon us that the children began to take off layer after layer.  We reveled in this weather change and enoyed it while we ate.  When Velia took off her outter layer, underneath she had a Unicorn shirt on. How perfect was that because I brought a Unicorn book to read to them for lunch!  I brought it with Layton in mind because she loves magical beings so very much.   We all enjoyed it and the radiant pictures.
After lunch there was much grand play on this perched rock.  Michelle braided Velia’s hair so beautifully too. I saw some Teasel plants/Hair brush plants , as we were walking up so I went down to get some for everyone.  Half the children followed and we brought some back. From there everyone wound up brushing each others hair. Aaron brushed mine with such gentleness and kindness, Rhett was combing Hmmm, it was one of the girls that were combing Michelle’s hair. All of us were standing there coming somebody else’s hair!
It was just so lovely!!!
Then it was time to go so we made our way down and back and in the bus.  Talay had really, really, really wanted a Teasel that looked like Ariels and now like hers earlier. She cried with great tears over this. When she settled a bit, I invited her into really noticing what she liked about the one she wanted and, if she closed her eyes, could she see exactly what it was that she liked.  I then invited her to look for one just like that when we went down the hill.  She did just that, found one but alas, on our way back she got involved in something and misplaced it!!! Oh no! but then she and Velia ran back to find it and, SHE DID!!!  They came back to the bus, we buckled up, Michellle drew a picture of all of us upon our new perch and off we went to come back home to our loved ones.

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