Marin Tender Tracks Tues. Jan. 12, 2016 Day 29

Waxing Crescent Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

Everyone was here today and we have not been to Roy’s in quite some time due to weather and holidays. I had hoped for more water flowing there but, the children found enough water so that as soon as we got there they lickety split went RIGHT in and we had a changing party at the BEGINNING  of the day, not at the end!   They had a great deal of fun and then we went to circle, or shall I say circle happened before the changing party, accept for Rhett to whom got changed before everyone else.
Michelle read us a couple of very beautiful tales which the children were completely immersed in, she brought a great snack that they gobbled up and then, to the changing party.  Yet, what I wish to share about circle is how much I love that if we do not do the songs the way we regularly do or any of our rituals, they set us straight. 🙂  This is a very typical childhood thing and it is fun to see it really happen.
Explorations of our beloved Roys Redwoods began and the desire to visit the bouncy tree. However,  there were so many things to be with along the way that it of course took a whhile to get there.  Aaron found a wonderful tree log tetter totter.  He, Alara and Michelle played there for awhile while the rest of us were climbing over another log and finding mushrooms. We went to get them, while they were going towards us and then they all went back to the tetter totter for some fun.  Talay being the smallest swiveled upside down while on this and it was quite funny to see. She was happy as well, at least from where I was standing it looked that way.  They had about 4 on each side at times and that was invigorating. Then, time to carry on.
All but Talay of the girls stayed with me and we found many, many incredible mushrooms while Talay, Aaron, Rhett and Michelle went ahead. When we caught up with them they  invited us into their  beautiful home for warmth and such.( The big Redwood Cathedral grove)   We came in and added our part to this beautiful invititaion, the lunch table cloth. We spread it out and great hospitatlity was given and shared!:)  We had lunch…..
Layton finished first and shimmied up the big tree we were in and then Rhett loved that and followed.  Pretty soon they were all done, packed up and ready to climb the trees and bounce on the bouncy tree.
Ariel had to poop and most wanted to do what they like to do, Come and see!  They also wanted to help dig the hole so we went as a group. Such is the world of 4/5 year olds.
When we came back, Where was Michelle, Alara, Io and Aaron????  Rhett was concerned so we got very still and listened and looked and then, we saw them!!!  They were very excited running towards us and wanted to show us something grand. We all made it over to what they had found:  a very large Redwood tree that had recently fallen and split into PERFECT slices that looked factory cut!  Aaron, Michelle, and Alara stayed and began making a Fairy house while Io, determined and excited, took the rest of us on a grand adventure.  Velia abandoned this and came back with the others. On our walk we found some incredible bones that looked to me like the feet and legs of Racoon. They decided, particularly Talay, to call it Mr. Bones. We took them down to show the others and they were hidden.
We found them in a beautiful Redwood tree that someone else had made a gorgeous Tree bough entrance. The children found them and squeels of fun were emmited.   We explored this area a bit more but then it was time to go.  We found our packs and made our way back but right as we were about to leave, Rhett tumbled down the hill and bumped his head. Michelle and I ran to him, she got there first and everyone helped to make him feel better but, where was Laytons backpack????
While Rhett was being tended to Layton, Alara and I ran back to try and find it. And, WE COULD NOT!!!  In the end Michelle did. Phew! Rhett was better and in the bus.
And, during the day Layton and Talay were deeply involved with being the Guardians of Safety.  Ione became the Weather Watcher, Aaron really helped the Guardians of Saftety put their bandaid scraps in the Earth bag. Rhett and Alara loved helping out as Snack Helpers and Velia got the Thank you plate today and Ariel will do so on Thursday.
The weather was free of rain. However by days end all the Sun that we had in the morning had disappeared behind a cloud covered sky.

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