Marin Tender Tracks Tues. Feb. 9, 2016 Day 37

Waxing Crescent Moon
Bon Tempe

Ione was not with us today.
The Sun was up, beautiful and like a spring day.  It didn’t take long for layers to come off. This place is so wonderful because it is right under the open skies and in full receptivity of the Sun’s warmth.  The children ran immediately to the rock that they have come to know and enjoy greatly.  Alara came very excited because, even though her birthday is on the 15th she has been celebrating due to going on holiday on her birthday. Velia brought her presents and Alara brought Michelle and I presents.  She opened one gift in the bus before we left and wanted to open the other one when Michelle was there. So, that is what happened.
Before Michelle got there we played some games, set up circle and when Michelle came they RANNNN away from her in order to turn into statues. But oh yes, before that they were “Fish Problem solvers” and asked me  often if they could fix my problem, which it turned out was that I had, the above “Fish Problems.”  This was led by Ariel.
Circle was filled with Spring fever so now we have entered into the place that happens most every year at some point or another where, if you do not wish to be in circle you may leave and play near yet in circle there is a certain way that must be.   Rhett has been so filled with energy and running, running, running so he did just that about half the time and was only in circle half the time.  All was well and this  great opportunity has arisen with the gift to feel ones choices and enjoy ones choices or make different ones due to boundaries around them.
The story in circle time was to prep them for gathering pine cones. On Thursday we will make gifts to give to the Birds as a Valentines day gift with these cones.
After circle, some play, some looking for the necklaces that I brought out last week to find, then packing up and making our way to a brand new adventure to the other side of the lake.
On our way we found lot’s and lot’s of turtles on a log of many different sizes!   We had to climb over the creek on a board, walk through marshy ground, walk along a gentle trail and find our way up a hill because it looked so inviting.
Alara complained of being hungry all morning even after three little muffins and Layton, for the first time, complained of the walk being toooooo long.  Velia, who often does did not and was having a fine time of it.  Talay was running, running, running too. She and Rhett often pair up with their physical adventures.  Aaron, though still a bit tired from being so sick, was smiling and enjoying the day yet by the end of the day it was clear that he was tired.  Rhett gave him the BIGGEST hug and welcome this morning though it was a bit bigger then Aaron appeared to really enjoy.  He still had a good time with Rhett throughout the day though as they climbed hills and built things together.
On the top of a big hill we found we got our food out because they all said they were so hungry and by this time it really was a good time to eat lunch.  We had our lunch circle and then, I brought out my Winnie the Pooh book.  Aaron in particular loves Winnie the Pooh stories so this week, I brought this book in his honor.  Since we are celebrating Alara’s birthday this week I read the long Birthday story about Eeyore.  I had forgotten the depth of his gloominess and was delighted with the beauty  of these Winnie the Pooh tales. These stories depict young children so well, so innocently and so delightfully.
After lunch a Poo( not Winnie the poo but, body poo!) party was created for Velia and Ariel. The entire group wanted to come along. Off we went to look for a good spot while this time it was Michelle that cleaned up the area.   I dug a hole for Velia because she said she really had to poop but then she wanted to wait until Ariel had finished digging her hole.  They then pooped together.  Ariel finished first. 🙂  Rhett and Aaron stood guard as the girls didn’t want the boys to watch.  The girls watched each other and then it all got buried.
These hills that we were on gave us the most exquisite view of the lakes, where we came from , Mt. Tam and a huge sweep of the area.
After tending to all the poop the group split in two as I really wanted to check out a huge Madrone tree up the hill.  Alara, Ariel, Aaron and I all went up there.  Rhett came a little later.  We found a gentle bee hive in the base of the tree. They sweetly went in and out. Alara just loved watching them along with Aaron so the three of us sat there until I realized that I was sitting on winter Poison Oak.  Ariel and Rhett were up in the tree and then Rhett discovered how much fun it was to run down the big, big hill.  Ariel was a bit nervous about the bees but they were truly very gentle and she found her way past them with ease.
When we got down to the others they were laying on the ground listening to a story Michelle was telling. Then some ran up to a tree on the other side of where we were.  It was about time to go so we packed up, found another path to find our way home and began the beautiful walk back.  We passed where the turtles were and there were so many and then, THEY FOUND MUD PUDDLES!!!  It was the end of the day and they turned into piggies in hog heaven.  The day was so warm that they went for it with such joy and abandonment.  And, when we got back we are all so good at getting undressed and dressed that they did it faster then ever before!!!!
It was a glorious day that resembled a whole lot like Spring!

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