Marin Tender Tracks Tues. Feb. 3, 2015 Day 37

Songs for Feb. here. Let me know what you think. 🙂

Full Moon
Audubon Sanctuary, Tiburon

Jai was home sick today and we met Thea and Nico at the site.  The day began again with such peace and ease. They were met with little cards on their seats with pictures of birds. These are just to bring the images to their minds eye.  At the front of the bus they saw that Grandma Moon was full, full, full and the picture was of trees, Robin Redbreasts, grass and little worms.

I continue to ask them to look around the bus and see what is different. I move things about   in order to stretch and develop their observational skills.
We were actually completely ready to go much sooner then usual yet Julian was not quite there so we filled our time with noticing more things around us. He then arrived  and everyone was very happy about that. Now we could take a full breath and drive off to our new adventure.  On our way I took the wrong turn off and, as I needed to back track a bit we wound up going through an amazing new area with which I might have found yet another new place to adventure!!  How I love the moments we call “mistakes” for so often it is these mistakes that lead us to more expansion and greater avenues of explorations. The road we went on went up and down and the children were delighted with feeling like we were on a roller coaster. They just giggled with delight.  They were also excited when we went on the free way as we have never done that before.  They were shouting out, ” I know this place!”, “I have been here!”  It was a great deal of  fun.
When we got there we saw Nico and his Mom in the distance under a tree. More great observations occured as we noticed that we did not see Thea but rather her Mother kept looking up in the tree that they were sitting under.  Was Thea up in the tree we wondered?  We looked and looked. We put the clues together and YES, it turns out she WAS up in the tree.
As soon as we got out of the bus we were greeted with a beautiful Ceanothous tree with it’s beautiful blooming purple/blue flowers.  We gathered some and gave thanks to it as we picked it and then came down below to a perfect place for circle. Some of you know this place as it is where we first met for the interview day. We then washed our hands with these grand soapy flowers!


The flowers of Ceanothus Ray Hartman.Not long after we arrived a friend of Linsey and mine came with the two girls she takes care of who are the same age as the Tender Trackers, to spend most of the day with us.
That was very fun as we got into a circle, holding hands, and shared our names going all around.  We then sang some of our songs and learned some new ones.  One of which you may know. Here are the words: Love is something if you give it away, give it away, give it away, love is something if you give it away, you end up having more. Just like a magick penny, hold it close, you won’t have any. Lend it spend it, you have so many, it will roll all over the floor.  Love is something if you give it away, give it away, give it away. Love is something if you give it away You’ll end up having more.
And, in their snack, they had to eat it very carefully as inside was: A SHINY NEW MAGICK PENNY!!!!
We also sang a new song that Tender Trackers in past years have been singing for the New Moon and Full Moon for years.  It is an honoring song to the moon and sung with very gentle hand movements. The two words that are used are, Neesa and Gai way O.  Their hands slowly move up into a full circle then come down gracefully together. These are gentle movements bringing openness and then  containment.  Theron said ” I love this song. It is nice to my ears.”
After circle they climbed and climbed this most beautiful Buckeye tree right there. There were MANY buckeye babies sprouting at the base of the tree and new life buds on the branches!  The children found lots of different bones today beginning with the one that Thea found with her Mom while they were waiting for us.  We finished our big climbs and explorations here and then moved on towards the water.  And there, well, so much fun took place.
It is a never ending joy I find to be with children as they discover in play, the many wonders of water, birds of the water, rocks, sea glass, bones, water plants, the feel of coldness and sand, nakedness and being clothed, the wind, the water,  and the elements.  All of this took place.
Julian was so fun to see how he played with the tides seeing if he could out run them as they would do what they do, come in and out in and out.  He and I, in particular, spent the entire after noon noticing where the tide was when we got there and what it was doing while we were there. Grand Mother Moon is the guide for the waters and we watched them and the colors the water left as it would go out and come back in, go out and come back in.    This became our guide to how far they had come in.  He got very brave and began running in and out upon rock edges and always came out the winner of this game!! Ariel had joined him as  well and was delighted with this game.
One by one the girls began to strip down into their  “birthday suites.”  Enzo said, ” All the girls are naked over there.”   And one by one the boys made their way over to the girls playing in the water in the sand with much laughing and delight. Enzo and Theron finally joined the birthday suite clan and Thea, Nico and Julian chose to play with their clothes on and not get wet but explore from a dry point of view.
Getting dressed was fun as there was much sand all over to get off.  Every time Ariel rinsed her self off and I would dry her she would come back AGAIN being wet!  I don’t really know why she kept getting wet again but finally, she got her clothes on and all was grand and we found a slightly different way to go back.
All the way home Linsey led the singing of  “Down by the bay, where the watermelon grows…. If you know this it is a great song for rhyming and ALL the children had a lot of fun adding their rhymns and fun to this song.  We then sang a song that is a silly song with their name in it and they loved it!  Theron had us sing everyones name again and all enjoyed it.
It was such a beautiful and sunny day.  A perfect one for this little beach!!



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