Marin Tender Tracks Tues. Feb. 23, 2016 Day 39

Full Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

Talay will not be with us all week.
Rhett came before all the other children and he and I checked out the different things in the bus. But then Alara came, we three went outside and a glorious game of Bandaid tag commenced. But then Layton came and Aaron came, but oh yes, he was really a mole( he had a scarf over his head) and then Ariel came and we all ran, and ran and ran, and ran all over the place trying to catch one another. Rhett really , really wanted to have teams but Layton did not and I don’t think the others did either.  So, we kept just playing and laughing and having a good time of it all.  Velia finally came though she was, as she always is when she comes, SLEEPING! 🙂  Her Daddy put her in her seat and then, SHE WOKE UP!!!!  Velia, Alara and Layton were trying to find just the right seat so we played musical seats. When the flute stopped playing they jumped into whatever seat they were in front of.  Rhett became a mole too and then Layton as well. So, this seemed like a good time to bring out my taxidermed mole.  It is SOOOO soft. The children petted it with smiles, we got our stuffies and off we went.
When we got to Roy’s they told me that the Statue Witch came and turned them into stone statues and that I should tell Michelle this. So there they were FROZEN in their seats for quite a bit of time and then, and then, and then, Michelle came in and SO DID THE SCREAMS!!!!!! After that they were filled with excitment and energy.  They ran out of the bus and discovered that it was very, very cold!!!!  We got extra Tender Tracks coats out and on.
We had circle with new songs and new story, a story that they needed to help with and after that, off we went to explore and play, IN THE SUN!!!!  We all were really so very cold.
We decided to go check out our Sun Rock so we made it down the trail and sure enough we found it, scrambled up the hill and it didn’t take long for the clothes to begin to come off and, by days end, about a third of them were completely naked and still very warm. Truly it was HOT!  How could that be? We were SOOO cold and then SOOO hot.  It was like being on the Moon: The side facing the sun was boiling, the side facing the dark was freezing!
After lunch Aaron brought us into exploring the underbrush of the Coyote bushes. Under there it was cooler and I found some bird scat. It seems that they like to find shade as well!  I also found a golf ball that got squished into the shape of a heart and more golf balls.
From there games of finding the golf balls, gaining keen eyes, began.  Aaron wound up putting as many golf balls as he could in his pockets and they were BULGING!
There was a lot of braiding hair going on today along with Ione, Velia, Alara, and Ariel pooping. This took place for quite awhile and they were ALL very interested and very curious about poop and how it comes out and how bad it smells and such.  The best thing about peeing and pooping in the woods I find is what you notice around you while doing it. We found lot’s of Earth worms and when we picked them up they pooped on us!! Only their poop is the dirt they eat!   Michelle caught a lizard earlier yet it was going quickly someplace else and lept out of her hands!!!
Velia brought a funny book about how to take care of a particular kind of Dinosaur and we read that after lunch.
We found beautiful, beautiful flowers today and so many other wonders of birds and pink trees sticking out of a sea of green colors.

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