Marin Tender Tracks Tues. Feb. 10, 2015 Day 39

Waning Moon
Phoenix Lake

Thea and Nico were not with us today and Jai and Theron were back.  It was a beautiful sunshiny day and life was blossoming all around.
When we got to Phoenix lake there was actually a parking lot right there for us. No waiting!!!
They had fun noticing that where once we could cross the creek even though the bridge was down the waters were rushing now and we could not.  We stayed right where we landed on this day and at the end of the day Velia said ” We didn’t go for a hike/adventure.”  This was true, at least as far as walking  however, we DID have a grand adventure all within a small radius . The day seemed to go by so quickly!   At circle I read them one of my favorite books.  I don’t read books all that often because I believe that the oral tradition of storytelling has far greater advantages and merritt for learning however, this book is so sweet and the pictures support this sweetness in a way I feel that I can not do justice to so, I read it. The book is called Rabbits Wedding.  It is an old book and I find often times they are the best, gentle, sweet, and to the core of what a young child is.  It was like all of the stories, a lead in into future games and explorations.  There were beautiful nature games inside the tale as well as emerging plants for Spring, or in our case, now.
As so often happens, synchronicity was at play from the beginning of the day as Hana brought me a bouquet of Dandelions and that was one of the main plants in the story.  This happens so often with children, and I think in life. We truly are all connected.
After circle they spread out to play and were excited and curious as to why the hammer and shovel caddy was brought out along with other things.  At first Julian, Enzo and Theron came to the table where I was and wanted to partake of this adventure I brought.  I sawed through two hard dowels to make smaller ones and then the question came”What for?”  ” To make rain rattles.   Grandpa Winter has not left  yet and we still need a little more rain to wash the Earth clean for all the Spring flowers and plants to rise up.”  This theme fits right into the winter rain songs we have been singing.  So, I sawed and then they hammered in nails into the dowels, gathered little pebbles and then we tied tops on and there were their rain rattles; simple yet completely enjoyed. One by one they all came over to make theirs and all the while they all were EMMERSED in their games of family, babies, Owls, Turkey Vultures, good guys, bad guys, getting plants to heal people, food for babies and on and on went the tremendous games.  I am happy to see the natural world  being more and more incorporated into their play.
Lunch came about in fits and starts today and oh yes, their snack was a version of Ants on a Log/peanut butter in celery sticks. Today however instead of ants it was Butterflies and Snails.  Enzo and Jai were clear that they did not like celery  so they ate everything in and around the celery!
When all the rattles were made I quietly guided them down to the flowing waters to play with sending messages to the folks down the creek that we were going to be calling in the Rain.  They made boats and then got involved wit other things down there that interested them.  I wound up being with Velia and a couple other children up above and then Jai and Julian became their favorite animals, Owl and Turkey Vulture and started eating different animals. Julian went straight into the water, a first, and kept eating fish.  The other children took off their shoes and socks and had a grand time in the water. Ariel and Hana made Linseys hair beautiful, oh yes Theron too, by putting water on it and doing…? 🙂  She was delighted and then, after a great hide and go seek game with Velia, Jai and I, I called them in for our grand Rain Rattle Song fest.  We all got together and, Linsey, on a make shift drum she just made, began to chant out songs and words of welcoming to the Rain.  It ebbed and flowed and we all sang and danced together.  It really was lovely.
Packing up and giving gratitudes took place as we made our way back to Deer Park.

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