Marin Tender Tracks Tues. Dec. 2, 2014 Day 23

Waxing Gibbous Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Thea, Nico and Theron were out today and the Rain was truly out and WITH us throughout the day.
We left for holiday with a very rainy day and we returned the same way.  However on this day it was so fun as we put up the canopy and built a wonderful fire where we then made our popcorn.  We made two batches and the second one was to perfection.  All ate it with such great joy.
• Julian was ENAMORED with helping out with the fire.  He had his fire stick and was making sure the burning sticks were brought to the center of the fire as they should. I asked if he made fires with his family and he said no.  I wondered about that because he really was behaving like a real pro and just loved it!
• Enzo was having so much fun playing with water, with Jai, being in the rain, the mud, the exploration……..He was just having such a fun, fun time!
• Jai was delighted to be playing with Enzo. When we were taking out our dry fire wood he had found a cat tail boat that I had made that I thought would be simply put in the fire but, he just loved it, added to it and was going to sail it down the creek but, he loved it too much to do so!
• Hana: I spent quite a bit of time with Hana today as she made a request that that be so.  Last time we had such fun seeing the great grandure and beauty of the “dancing” trees.  This time we played by the water and the fire and then she, with her arms spread wide, ran all around in the ran and then let me know that she was playing the “Boom Boom ” Game.  She invited me in to be “Thunder and Lightening.”  I had to stay by the fire with Julian, “for safety” but I played with her close by.  Enzo REALLY liked this and added great bumping into each other as part of his play. 🙂
• Velia was not phased much by this rain and was her strong, fiesty, and energized self throughout the day.  She liked to stay with the girls and had such fun playing in the water.  She was drawn to play with the mud monsters that we found at days end and to have her boots continually come off.  Well, after about the third time of  putting those boots back on it was up to her to stay out of the mud or, not. She chose not and then had to clunk about in those boots for a bit  as we were busy with the others and all of their rainy day choices of mud and water.
• Ariel may have had a few wimpers about wet and such but she found a creek with Linsey and when I came to see how they were all doing she had become like an otter, fully emmersed in the creek slidding in and out and in and out with absolute JOY!!!!!  When we all went to take the canopy down she became a bit distressed and then she went back to the water and was happy again!
The day was loose and being in the loving presence of Rain, Fire and, THE WATERFALL  thatwas FLOWWWWWIIIINNNNNNGGGGGG!!!!  We were all so mesmerized and went straight away to see that when we got there.  It’s music of crashing and it rhythms played to us all day and later in the day we played rhythms to life with sticks on the fires metal grate.   When it was time to put the fire out they got a bucket and took turns going down to the water to pour it on the  fire.
We noticed the Ravens cawing but really didn’t hear any other birds. We found some squiggly, wiggly worms and the children swore that they saw an otter swiming in the creek.  Linsey and I did not see it but they were SOOO excited by this. So, maybe so and I hope I get to see it next time.
Of course the changing each person at the end of the day was a fun and, becoming ritual, type of a thing. We all finally settled in and back home we went.
What a beautiful full, and rain filled glorious day.

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