Marin Tender Tracks Tues. Dec. 15, 2015 Day 25

Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

What a very beautiful day. Ione was back from being gone for a week and this was our first day without Xander. The stuffed animal monkey was still in the seat he always sits in so we honored him with keeping it there and gave more love and appreciation for him.
At the Lake we immediately saw where the sun was and went there for circle. Ahhh, it was nice to be in that beautiful Sun and it was there that we stayed for actually the entire day.
Our circle was sweet and filled with song, honoring the sun and directions and being together with love.  Io and Rhett were very busy in a tree and enjoyng it but Michelle coaxed them in and they were happy with the joining.    Alara brought a very, very sweet book about a Santa Mouse and she was so happy that it was read at circle.  It was short so I told another story that I had intended to tell that was about How Robin got its  Redbreast and Why Some Trees are Ever Green.
After circle we got out paper and crayons and drew many pictures for family and for Xander.  They so loved this.   The rest of the day was filled with playing, climbing their favorite tree, creating a safety shelter, finding more newts and….
The day was just plain sweet. However, Rhett was delighted to be up high in the tree and peeing off it. He unfortunately peed on Io and she REALLY  did not like that. We washed her off and this was very understandable so, a little guidance about where and when to pee in such places for dear Mr. Rhett!!!
Well, I admit, this week is very full and my memory is clouded right now about the details of the day other then this; it was another peaceful, enjoyable, playful and warm hearted day.  Making the gifts for Xander was truly a joy. Their excitement within this season is large and their humor is grand.
Io was so warmly welcomed backed and loved for being here. She was ever so slightly cautious as she came in but that disappeared very quickly and great smiles came to her face when she heard all the love for her coming from the children.   Aaron was quiet for a lot of the day until he finally peed. Boy what a difference a little release can make! 🙂 He perked up greatly after that and was then running and playing with everyone.   Layton was so happy to finally be able to draw on her new gourd bowl. The last one has been cracked for about a month.
Velia was happily playing along and Talay was in full vibrant swing playing in the secret and fun house that she and Rhett, mainly, created.   Ariel is a story queen. How she loves, loves loves to hear stories so at lunch time I wound up telling several tales and they wanted more but most moved on after about two stories. And then POUNCE!!!  on Michelle mode came about.  Ariel still wanted more stories and in truth  Velia, Talay, Alara and Layton would have been happy to listen to but, dear oh dear it looked like SOOO much fun to pounce on Michelle! I did have to rescue her though as they were getting a bit too over powering. She rescued me the other day when I couldn’t breath for a moment too!!!
(Not as bad as it sounds:)
So, the day was, as it has been for quite a while now, filled with immersion into the natural world with joy, exploration and exuberance.

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  1. Saskia
    Saskia says:

    Hello All!!

    Xander misses you so. We are settling in Portland. There are many things we miss and many things for which we are excited. Sending you all love.


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