Marin Tender Tracks Tues. April 5, 2016 Day 51

Waning Crescent Moon
Roy’s Redwoods

Inside the Redwoods when we got there was COLD!!! Lot’s of extra clothes got put on and then we realized, this is just too cold so, “Let’s go to Sun Rock!”  So we gathered all our things and made our way to the most warm, sunny, refreshing place for the day.  It was SOO hot when we got there that all the layers began to come off.

Io, I am thinking, is convinced that Tender Tracks is the naked school because, as soon as we get to where ever we are going, and before we can turn around, she is taking those clothes of hers off and feeling life upon her bare skin. Well, I cannot really blame her for loving that feeling!!!  However, we did require that some of the clothes stay on for the safety and well being of her skin due to the type of terrain we were sitting on. 🙂 Velia too!

We had the same story as last week yet with a few additions that led us into playing with what we did last week: carding the wool we cleaned and shucking the beans we gathered.

Alara, Layton and I went down the hill to gather some Teasel plants to use as wool carders as well.

Image result for pictures of the Teasel plant

When this plant is dry it is great for a hair brush and for making our wool so very soft.

Well, up the hill the three of us went with our Teasels in hand and along side the other carders they all worked the wool. Well, not really all. While most had come over to do the wool one by one they made their way over to Michelle to shuck the beans, in the shade!
All was done so peacefully and they were so into these soothing and easeful tasks.

Ione and Velia were very content carding and the others wound up going on a grand adventure up the hill behind us to explore.  Io and Velia explored into the bushes to the side of us with great delight.  The others finally came down yet really really wanted us to see what they had found.  It was lunch time though so we found a shady spot, on the side of the hill and ate our lunch.
We had some very fun rhyming songs during lunch with such joy and then packing up.

Then we finally got, at least shoes, on and up the hill we went. They showed us their wonderful, wonderful find a pile of  Doug Fir tree branches all stacked up into a GREAT bed and bouncy trampoline.  There was a wonderful climbing tree, incredible sap, Cicadas singing, smells that were delicious from the cut down tree, wild edible Rattlesnack weed, green tips of the Doug Fir to eat and lot’s and lot’s of fun climbing and jumping.  I finally told a couple of stories they have been wanting to hear too.

We had to go and that was not really on the list of desired things to do but down we came and found our way down the big hill.
The Turkey Vultures were soaring all day above us, the lake at the Golf course was a beautiful thing to look at. There were large houses in our sight far away and across lands in front of us. We had  much curiosity about how they got there and who might live there.  Lady bugs were flying around us, Lizards not quite caught yet noticed, noticed.

When we finally got back in the bus we shared the many things we saw and put it up on our picture board then gave our beautiful thank you’s. We actually started the day like that as well.

Thank you Sun, thank you Warmth, thank you Friends of all shapes, sizes, winged ones, slithering ones and growing ones.  And oh yes, thank you for the bird wings that we found along the trail and the mystery of how they got there.

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