Marin Tender Tracks Tues. April 26, 2016 Day 57

Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Aaron was absent today and Io met us later on in the morning along with Michelle.  Rhett, Alara, Ariel, Velia and Layton came with fun and frolic for our day that was not too hot and not too cold.

The highlights:
• Making a fire: Each child worked at lighting a match. Layton did not get a turn, like Alara did not last time, due to the fire already starting.  She got to do it last time.

• Heating up water in a pot

• Taking the warm water and colored wool to make Felt Balls: soap, warm water, rolling, rolling, rolling, rolling, forming, forming, forming, forming the ball getting it smaller and smaller, tighter and tighter until it was time to dip it in cold water and squeeze out all the left over soap.  Then warming it up at the back side of the fire on the grill.

• Hearing a story that they have heard for a long time and weaving it into what we were doing on this day and things we will be doing on some of our future days.

• Taking an adventure up the hill to find turtles and then ALL gathering stones and throwing them down into the spill way to see what happens. Target practice with the things that were in there. Michelle and I pulled the picnic table over so they would be more safe.

• Coming back down, stripping down to various degrees, or not and going under the waterfall and playing with the joy of the water

• Getting changed, feeling the cold, warmth, weather variations

• Singing our new Tree song and then finding our trees and being with them for awhile

• Telling our stuffed animals our joys of the days as well as intentions

Well, a great day indeed. Each one of the children experienced all of these things with absolute joy and delight and working together.
Seeing them make the felt balls was fun as they were so very involved in it. All but Io actually.  Velia and Ariel were the most involved as well as skilled yet Rhett, Alara and Layton had such a good time. Io actually helped at the very end with hers with Michelle I now recall.  They LOVED seeing the beautiful colors of these balls lined up and drying at the back of the fire on top of the grill.
The day was happy.

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