Marin Tender Tracks Tues. April 21, 2015 Day 57

Waxing Moon
Terra Firma Farm

Michelle is away this week so Thea, Nico and Ariel’s Mom’s came to join us.  I have wanted to check out this farm for quite a while and even though it is far away, at the moment, it seems to be the only farm around so, I set up a tour for us to go spend the day there.
But before we left we played at the rope swing and then had circle, snack and story there. Then, scurried off we went to get to our big and new adventure.
The day was filled with pigs, taking a very big walk up to a most beautiful outlook with a chicken house. There, while the chickens ran free the children got to go into the chicken house and pick warm eggs to put in cartons.  Then they walked all the way down and got to see and pet two different kinds of baby chicks. They were the sweetest ever.  There were nesting Owls that were in the barn though hard to see as the day was cloudy and overcast .  We were told that was why the animals were staying inside so much.  There were more animals to see but alas, our tour time was over and the children needed to eat so, hopefully another time. However, my dear nature friend Pete was there and he took us to a great place where his students play at a place they call Fox Circle. Here he told us how the place got it’s name and then the children got to play and play there until we had to go. It was a child’s heaven with  rope swings, a big rope to climb down the hill with, creek water, planks to walk across, fire pit and more.
It was a long drive but well worth the joy of being there.

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