Marin Tender Tracks Tues. April 14, 2015 Day 55

Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

What a very beautiful, beautiful day.  The Sun was Spring time warm with that warmth radiating from everyones hearts.   Ariel has found a peaceful state these days and it was fun to hear her talking to Enzo while we were driving.  Enzo was his usual VERY happy self playing outside and exploring. Julian was delighted to be carrying VERY, VERY heavy branches all around and delighted in taking off his shoes, socks and rolling up his pants to go wade in the creek water.  Theron is still a bit under the weather yet enjoyed playing with Enzo and Julian in a house that they built with ways to hang up their clothes, a place to put their treasures, a kitchen, other rooms, front door and so much more.  Thea and Nico were delighted to be playing with the California Newts and Velia was really right there too with that. Hana and Ariel joined in but not to the extent that the first three were.  Velia was in delightful spirits, running all over and really, really wanting to help me with the heavy chores.
They seem to like to come together for circle at the picnic tables so we have been doing that. There they learned a new and active song which they liked as well as our old ones and then a story, could it have been, ABOUT THEM??!!! Yes it was which led them into making small felt balls with lots of soap and warm water.   Hana loved this very much and loved feeling the soap and the warm water.  Ariel took making her ball quite seriously and made it beautiful. Julian, Ariel and Thea had a lot of fun with this as well. Theron, Enzo and Nico did not want to make these but wanted rather to take them home and do them there.
The way the children found their felt was that, hiding in the woods inside plastic eggs was wool, just for them! They scurred around to find them and they did!!!
When we had finished all of this it was a good time to eat lunch so that took place.  I thought we could go on a walking adventure to find Doug Fir tips to make tea but, what happened was exactly what was wanting to take place; the children found their niches and became extremely content.
Michelle was with Thea, Nico, Hana and then Ariel playing in and around the creek which culminated in Thea, Nico and Velia getting joyfully wet by going under the waterfall.  They were so happy about being wet and came running back to the picnic tables exclaiming their joy. They then wished  to get dressed in warm clothing.
While they were doing that Julian, Enzo and Theron were very contentedly playing in their house and building it up. Hana and I were together and then became different animals sneaking up on them.  We crawled on our hands and knees and then slithered for quite sometime slowly, slowly, slowly creeping up and then ducking our heads when they looked our way.  Prior to all of this I became Ariel’s Horse and we were galloping galloping all over.  And prior to that she had gotten pushed over and when was crying and crying and then rested  in Michelle’s lap.  I then took her when she was walking away still with tears.  And then, while upon her “horse,” the tears  subsided as we galloped along.
There were great requests for Bandaid tag so we ran all about for a long time.   Then  Ariel and Theron were not in view so Julian and I went scouting about for them.  There they were running away as if they had done something wrong. Well, what could it be???  Julian came back and said that they found a lollipop on the ground and they were sucking on it.
I found them in a big Redwood tree and there a sweet conversation took place where the now much smaller candy had fallen out of Theron’s mouth.
After this he decided to make a Candy factory and let people know how to eat candy in a way that won’t harm them.  🙂

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