Marin Tender Tracks Tues. April 12, 2016 Day 53

Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Holiday week for other schools = Rhett and Alara gone for the week

And, Michelle’s children and Aaron’s sister joined us today. Yahooo!!!  This was fun all around.

This was such a beautiful day.  Our focus/intention/desire was to cook the beans that we gathered and make corn tortilla’s with the best Masa that could be had. Michelle brought all of that and the knowledge of how to make these tortillas.  It was so very fun. She had us rolling the masa  into balls and then, since we didn’t have a press, we put the balls in the plastic, put it on top of a book and then put the book on top, pressed down and made them the shape of GREAT tortillas.  Michelle, I and all the children gathered lot’s of wood and got ready to make the fire.  Michelle invited them into using a match and to do it all together.  After some great and warming instructions they each lit a match, with help,and put their light into the tinder bundle.  Aaron got the first successful match that began the fire burning and from there they all added to it.  It was GREAT! and successful.  Part of the tinder bundle was gathered from our time at Roy’s Redwood last week. The grasses were so dry so POOF!  the fire lit.

I will back track here though; we made this day a “backwards day” meaning, at  circle the children ate some of their lunch and for lunch we ate our incredible beans, hand made tortillas, avocado, salsa, goat cheddar cheese and beets that Io and her Mom brought.
The story was a great old tale about a “Journey Cake” like the Gingerbread man, only it brought good things back when all was thought to be lost.

After circle was when we started the fire, got it going, cooked, ate, and had such a good time.

Some of the things that happened throughout the day were:
Gathering wood
Playing down in the creek
Making Masa balls for the tortillas
Practicing using a match
Playing great “witch” games and stalking up on each other as well as playing a lot of chase
Playing house and interchanging friends and roles

The day was tremendously beautiful and the children LOVED having our visitors.

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