Marin Tender Tracks Thursday May 7, 2015

Waning Moon
Soreich Park

All were here and it was a sweet and alive day.   They were happy to be back here and remembering the things we had done there in the past.
They ran straight to the big rock: Boys playing guardians and defenders and girls playing house and who will be who.  It was joyful to watch where they go in their play.  We then had circle and Theron and Michelle went on a different adventure while the rest of us sang, ate and listened to the story from Tues., One Fine Day.
We then packed up and made our way to one of our favorite spots “Natures Playground” where all the swings and stones to climb are.
They had to find the trail. Theron and Everett went straight to a trail but alas, it lead them straight back to where they started!!:)
I, with them, found the others and then all of us made our way up and up working at remembering, “Was it this trail or that trail?” , looking for remembered signs all the way.
Once up at the top we discovered that, every time we go there, the swings are in different locations, or altered in some way.  Therefore, new discoveries on how to now play with these swings came about.
Michelle found that one of them had a carabiner on them so she was able to relocate it to a tree branch where the children could play and swing.
There was much trying to get up on this one large branch that is good for swinging.  Velia, though she thought she could not get down from a part of the tree, was finally able to and she was very happy with herself. Ariel and Hana had fun taking scissors and harvesting some Oat Straw plant to make tea for next week.  Everett had a great time and was very skilled at sewing.  The children are beginning to sew pouches to make into pillows stuffed with either Cattail down or wool.  Julian was having fun sewing as well as a few others.  The rest will  get a chance next week to sew their bags as well.
We all got together at lunch and played a game of, Close your eyes and listen to someone chew and guess what they are eating.  This was a great game that they all had fun with.
There was much joy with swinging on the swings and trying to swing on the main one as it was much higher then before and they couldn’t really get on it.  Nico did though and that was very thrilling.  There was another rope that was fun for climbing up one of the rocks and that was enjoyed as well.
Going back was, as always, seeming too soon but alas, we had to down the hill we went.  Velia and Hana had to fix their shoes and such so we took the “short cut” and caught up with the rest of the group and then, off we went back to Deer Park.

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