Marin Tender Tracks Thursday Jan. 7, 2016 Day 28

Waning Crescent Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Ione was not with us today so we had 7. It was a beautiful, cloudy yet very fun explorative day. It was a day to wander and so, we went to the SW direction and allowed our feet to guide us.  Ariel was delighted that she found a most beautiful and peaceful place to go.  Half of the children were with Michelle while Rhett, Talay, Layton and Alara were with me. They were IMMERSED in finding and playing with the Newts that we had found and exploring where we were right near the creek. The others were all quietly, quietly sitting together and noticing the lake, the birds and all that was around them.  We were thinking we should find out where they were and they thought the same about us so that when we looked up THERE THEY WERE!!!  They were very excited to show us their spot, we wanted to see it so, off we went.  And, it WAS wonderful!!! Not big enough for all of us so down a new trail we went until their tummies guided them to another spot near the water. They got all set up to eat, we did and then Velia REALLY wanted me to tell a story that I told before, again. She has been asking for a couple of weeks and I told her after lunch that if she reminded me I would. Well, after lunch came, she reminded me and it turned out that everyone wanted to hear it as well so I told it and it was grand. After that we were all quiet and peaceful but, Layton went right into the water, as she is apt to do and we saw shivers coming on quickly as the sky world was getting darker and the air colder. We thought this was a fine time to head back, change her, change anyone else that was quite wet and read a short story. And that is what we did.
Today they were already in the full swing of their jobs and everything just flowed with such grace and ease.  I really enjoyed seeing Aaron and Rhett spending time together.  Layton is more involved and in love with the Earth and all that is in it then ever before. There was just some kind of awakening in her today that has not yet been fully seen before.  Talay, Alara, Velia, Ariel all were alive with the Earth and Sky, playing together, exploring together, well, all of them were, in little groups, big groups, one to ones,  and group unity.


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