Marin Tender Tracks Thursday Feb. 5. 2015 Day 38

Waning Moon
Deer Park and Wild Care

Jai, Theron and Everett were out today.  The weather was cool with breezes yet no rain.  It seemed like a beautiful day to go visit Wild Care and see some animals up close.   We had a sweet and cohesive circle at Deer Park in the woods behind the parking area.  The children had to figure out the best way for them to get across the creek without the bridge. They had a splendid time finding just the right path for themselves to get over.  They then stretched their legs a bit and oriented to where we were before we then gathered to sing our songs, have our snack and settle into our story for the day.
After that, such glorious play and explorations commenced.  First Julian, Nico and Thea wanted to play “Bandaid Tag,” a game they learned a week or so ago.  The rest just sat down to watch.  It didn’t take too long until everyone was running around, tagging one another/putting bandaids on each other and then running to the “Healing Tree” to get the bandaids off and come back into the game.  Of course the end of the game wound up being a puppy pile of laughs and happy exhaustion from all the running around.
As we were running though I ran down into the creek (to get them figuring out different strategies to get me). While down there Ariel discovered a rope swing and from there she was off trying to figure out how to use it.  Well, she did,  was happy,  fell and was sad, got back up, tried it again and was happy!  The big work for all of them was figuring out how to climb up and down the big rocks to get to where Ariel was.  Hana got help from Julian who was very happy to of service. Velia got support from the group, Julian figured out alternative ways that aided him in getting up with which he then could share and Thea and Nico just scrambled up.  Velia wanted to try the rope swing but in truth, you really have to be able to hold on tight and she and Hana, when they get uncomfortable and you are there just let go thinking you can save them so, Linsey was there holding on and I from the other side, was guiding the experience.  Velia found her comfortable level of fun with the rope and then finally just sat down.  Hand didn’t really go for it but was so focused on getting up the stone wall.  The rest were really working with a big log trying to make it into a bridge.   There were great challenges all around this creek and by the time we left there was a full group of children who felt good about how they navigated these great big obstacles. 🙂 & YEAH!!
When we got to Wild Care it was actually time to eat so there was a large lawn down the path. We went there,ate, rolled around, or rather Julian instigated much of the tumbling and wrestling. Ariel LOVED doing this, other kids joined and then we packed up and made our way to the Center.  Nico and Thea were just at this place the day before so they felt like they were at home and comfortable with the surroundings. Someone else knew about this place and was the same.  I hadn’t been there in months and the rest of us just had so much fun looking at all the different animals.
We came at just the right time too because we got to see the Pelican come out, do tricks and be fed.  WOW that was something stupendous to behold.  The children were given little button gifts of animals to put on their clothes if they wished. Some wanted them and some did not.  So if you did not see a  button then your child was one who did not want one.
We saw the Peregrin falcon, the RedShouldered Hawk, Redtailed Hawk, Eagle, Owl, and Opossums. We got to see and hear up close  the Acorn Woodpeckers and the bark that they put their acorns in.   W have been seeing and hearing them at Lake Lagunitas along with the bark that we always see and play with there all year.  We got to see the Comorants that we always see at Lake Lagunitas too.  This is one of the reason I like to go to these places after we have spent a good deal of time outdoors so that they can see what these beings  look like up close.
We finally went inside and even though there were so many incredible stuffed animals in there and some live snakes, they went to the stuffed animals and toys.  They played for a little bit, then were open to receiving the animals and the like around them and then we had to go.  We got outside but a bathroom break was needed so Linsey ended up taking  4 out of the six to the bathroom while I waited outside looking at more wonders there with the rest that would flow out.
It was a truly lovely, lovely day.

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