Marin Tender Tracks Thursday Feb. 12, 2015 Day 40

Last Quarter ( half) Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Everyone was here on this glorious day.  In the beginning, under the Redwoods, it was cold and at circle time many coats needed to be put back on. By mid day though, the Sun shone all the way through and we noticed how very hot we were by the close of the day.
We celebrated the up and coming Valentines day with a “warm fuzzy” story and Valentines cookies, shaped as hearts.  Love was truly all around and, though there were the usual and classic conflicts: only boys allowed, this is mine, no it’s mine, I found this stick first …… 🙂 all hearts appeared to find their way through.  We played many, many games such as ; Little Tommy Tittle Mouse, Hide and Go Seek, Jump the Bunny( from our other Valentines day story), climbing over logs and running, running running.
My intention for the day, as Linsey and I share before the day begins, was to see an animal close up that we have  not before. So, who should show up during circle?  Turkey Vulture, one tree over from us!!!  Well, of course Julian was really excited and later on he and Linsey followed, followed, followed it through the woods and then she went on the other side of the water where he kept flying down to to see if there might be a dead animal of interest for him.  She found nothing but the two of them had quite the time tracking this magnificent being.  We all got to see it take flight during circle time with it’s incredible wing span!
During lunch, Velia, Thea, Nico, Jai and I were eating at a picnic table while the others were playing with Linsey by the water.  Two Ravens stayed close to us.  We watched and watched them as they jumped, hopped, walked, walked side ways and flew, hop, flew.  We imitated them and then I finally threw some apple pieces their way to see what they would do.  We sat so very quietly watching and seeing them share.  Velia brought that up with a surprise as well as joy at that fact. “They’re sharing!” she said.   The children would get up as close as they could, leave food, and then run back to the table and watch.  This was all thrilling!  Those two Ravens really never left us all day. It was like they were our friendly Guardians.
There was  a log that had broken during the winter storms but still was very useful for crossing the creek and all the children used it in this way.  For some it was a true edgy experience and requested support and help from their peers.  So beautiful.
After many games their energy started to do what I have seen around 12:30 or one and after our quiet time of story and resting together, they got WILD. It seemed best to change things up a bit so I sent them on a quest to find something.  And oh yes, earlier they were looking for gifts for all of you parents and everything that had a heart shape.  I do hope you received the treasures that they found for you!  But now, to their quest, running running to a certain spot. But alas, what I thought would be there was not so we kept going on and on until we found ourselves at a familiar spot.  There we stayed for the last half hour, watching the water, climbing the tree, hanging from limbs, finding lizards, garbage, flowers, lichen growing ever so beautifully upon a big rock that was cracking all over and the sparkling faieries dancing on the trees and water, as Everett pointed out.
So much beauty and joy on this wonderous day of celebrating Love and Light.

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