Marin Tender Tracks Thursday April 16, 2015 Day 56

Waning Crescent Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Everett was on holiday today so we had 7 little treasures to explore the Earth and Sky with.
Though every where else it seemed that the weather was quite warm we were always under the protection and shade of our Forest Tree Friends and never got very hot until we came back to Deer park and began to sweat from the heat.
The coolness of our weather however did not stop the children from going right into the water when we got to our little creek but, I jump ahead.
From the beginning of the day they came with so much energy. Due to this  we decided that it would be best to just get them moving with it all straight away.
The differences between Tuesdays and Thursdays are always quite interesting as one of those days is usually soft, gentle and easy and the other is the opposite. AND, it is not in a reliable pattern say, Tuesday is always gentle and Thursday is not.  So,this past  Tuesday was the sweet gentle flowy day and this day was more fast, louder and rough and tumble.
As I said, we began straight away with walking and we walked right towards, as Julian would say, the place with the bridge.
The boys were filled with energy and running ahead and needing to wait now and again for the rest of the group. I was with them and Michelle was with the girls as they casually walked and enjoyed the meander.
The children ate apples and nuts right before we walked but by the time we got there they were hungry so lunches came out and most went right to eating.
Not long after we arrived a large group of 6 year olds came to play from Marin Montessori.  They were delightful children and playing together in a wonderful way.  We all enjoyed watching them.  They liked watching our children too but were mainly more giggly about it because the Tender Trackers  were playing in the water in their under wear  and that seemed to be quite something different to these other children.
Theron was needing to move around a lot more as he was filled with pushings so at first it was me going on a, right near by, adventure with him and then he and Michelle went on a grand one. When they came back they had found what I call Gold!, pine pitch.  This can be used for so many wonderful things.  Theron  was delighted with sharing this as he just LOVES finding treasures!!!
There were wonderful Newts found and played with, mud painting, eating and gathering Doug Fir Spring tips to eat, listening to stories, making Fairy houses, walking over small log bridges and more.
When it was time to go the boys still had LOT’S of energy. This time Michelle went with them and reported at the end of the day they just ran and ran most of the way back. The girls and I however, went very slowly. They would stop and have quite the conversations about planning for this thing and that thing and I needed to encourage them to move while they spoke.  Before we left Hana was SO sad that we had to leave because she was REALLY involved in being a Fairy and she and Velia were working out their names. She just didn’t know why we had to leave right then!!!!!!!
So, as we walked back we noticed the beautiful ducks and images upon the water.  We walked in silence for quite awhile and then spoke of what we heard.
When we arrived back we found the boys and Michelle all huddled around the creek as if they were looking at something. They were. They were holding  little fish that they were able to catch.  They wondered what took us so long and we wondered what they were doing. Stories shared and the girls got to see the little fish.
We then got in the bus, shared our good byes,thank you’s and off we went.

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