Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. Oct.22, 2015 Day 12

Waxing Moon
Samuel P. Taylor

Aaron was home sick today and Michelle’s children came to be with us. They are such beautiful children so this was a great treat for all of us.
We had a beautiful circle.  I find that  a lot of times when children have family, visitors, or friends that come they really want to show off what they know. So, they sang their songs with great harmony and diligence, ate with grace and listened to the story with, their usual and beautiful, attention .  But oh yes, before circle, when we got out they all went down to the creek to gather tinder and wood for the fire. Michelle brought her grand popcorn maker and popcorn.  She said Rhett and Io, with very little directions, knew exactly what to do to gather the tinder. They scampered across a great log and found the dry ferns and the like.
As the fire was going and pop corn began to pop a grand Popcorn dance ensued.  Talay was in delight in particular over this with beautiful popcorn dance steps.
The snack was eaten up of popcorn, graham crackers and wonderful water.   They heard about How GrandMother Spider brought Light to the Dark Side.  This was told to bring honor and developing a kind relationship to Spiders during a time of year when they are depicted as scary. The story was told as well to address the cold and dark days that sometimes is scary.  And it was told for a variety of other reasons as well.   A turkey Vulture was in the tale and who should soar over our heads right when the circle was over but Turkey Vulture!!!
When we got there I put up a rope to hang the caps on so we all gathered around to take the capes out and see how beautiful they were and then hang them up to dry. One by one we pulled theirs out and one by one we saw their beauty.  Rhett got to choose what color he wanted since he was absent on Tuesday and Michelle’s children had some cloth to put in as well.  Later on Michelle brought some white yarn to dye  in order to play with at another time for braiding and such.
Then much play did and needed to happen. There are so many wonder filled places for the children to make houses and imaginary play. For awhile a lot of them were cats and we were prowling around for mice.   We had intented to bring out the pouches to finish sewing but in truth it was almost one by the time we finished what we did in the morning and then had lunch.
Ariel had another poop party on the Tender Tracks potty. Alara had a bathroom party at the bathrooms.
Xander, Alara and I stayed to finish the last things to put away before we left. The two of them worked together to get water and pour on the fire to completely put it out while the entire rest of the group was down by the creek exploring.  When I played the flute for them to come back they had all crawled across a big log over the water and wound up on the other side of the creek. The made their way down that road/trail and then made their way onto another trail back to us.  They came back a different route with great joy on their faces.  In the bus we had sweet good byes and singing of our good bye song. Predominantly led by Rhett who was proudly singing it.
Michelle and her children went their way and we went ours. I wound up telling a lot of stories on the way back and all they wanted was “More! More!”
Another glorious and beautiful day.

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