Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. Nov.5, 2015 Day 16

Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Peaceful, expansive, easeful, happy, connected,new explorations, imaginative…..These are a few words that describe the day.  Michelle and I felt the need to continue with just exploring. We decided to make circle short, sweet and to the point and then go exploring to a place that this group, other then Velia and Ariel from last year, have never been.
As soon as we parked the bus, they got out and climbed up the hill next to us.  There were cut down tree stumps in full and warm sunlight as well as a horse trough filled with water.   I took Velia and Ariel to the porta potty where Velia needed to poop.  When we got back they were all around the horse trough making a magick potion by gathering many ingredients from all around them.
We found another tree that had red berries but, it wasn’t a Madrone tree. What was it??? A Toyon Berry/Christmas Berry tree! These too are edible.  I found great sap for gathering. Alara and Layton jumped right into playing with it only to discover that you can’t really get that sticky stuff off so well!!!!
At snack I brought out some hand sanitizer and they were able to find some relief :).
Reminds me of little puppies getting themselves into pickles because they jumped into something without checking it out first.  One very significant way to learn!!!:)
The children found a fairy house that Xander and Aaron said they had made at Pup’s Pack the day before.
The children added to this with great delight!
We stood in a circle and sang our new Morning song that sings to all the directions; north, south, east, west, above, below and the heart,  as well as gave cornmeal as a gift to each of these directions. Another old way of giving thanks.  This was introduced by way of a story on Tuesday.   We had a simple snack with their own water and then off we went.
We guided them to a trail past the waters edge, through a forest that had had a lot of cutting down.  They took a rest at a great tree that they climbed and then on our way we continued until, we found another Lake, climbed down there to a beach and settled down for the day.
Here was pure magick. Such ease and joy that happened: making magick circles in the sand with little shells and acorns, playing cooperative games together, climbing a big tree, over rocks, looking at the incredible birds in the water, eating together, and, oh dear, so many wonders took place that I cannot even remember it all.  But yes, I remember this, they put Michelle in Jail and there they all huddled together making a beautiful place….. Big smile here. They had such fun.
The walk to there and back was peaceful, expansive and gentle.  We all had such an exquisite day.

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