Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. Nov. 13, 2014 Day 20

Waning Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Velia was still on her trip, Hana was at the dentist and Lisa came with us again since Linsey stayed home not feeling well.
It was a beautiful, playful, explorative day.  We went to our regular place for circle. I had made Toyon Berry and Madrone berry Pudding for our snack from what we gathered on Tuesday.  Half did not want to try it yet they remembered picking them and the other half tried it but were less then excited. The berries, after about half way into eating the pudding were a bit gritty? different then what one is used to.  It was still good though I thought, yet different.
We shared with Everett all about Jobs and his was the Earth Keeper along with Hana, who was not there today to share it with him.  He was very enthusiastic though and put garbage in the bag whenever he found some.
Nico was Weather Watcher and he got to, in circle, hold the stick up high and see if the Wind Children were going to blow the feathers on the stick and in what direction.  He really liked this.  Since this was his job I also asked, later on, if he would be willing to take us in any direction he wanted to for our days adventures. He said yes to this and then was really interested in taking us over a bridge and up a hill. However, there was mutany when it came to going up a big hill by some and he was willing to choose a different direction. After that though he didn’t want to lead and gave the job to Julian who was along side of him easily climbing up the hill and Happy about it!  Julian did take over and led us down to where we were on Tuesday yet wanted, since he had a choice, to go to the other side of the water and eat lunch over there.
On the way over the children found a very interesting spot with locked up and large cranks/ turning wheels.  Jai really wanted to turn them but alas, they were, as I said, Locked.  There were grates underneath our feet and we could see stairs.  All manner of guesses as to what this was for and why it was there came about.  YEAH for this!  Such curiosity and expansion!
They finally moved on and then Julian took us down a rocky hill into mud and the lake.  There were a bunch of rocks that were good for sitting on so that is what happened.
From here on out we  explored, discovered, laughed, sat, was still, was filled with movement, was together, was apart.
Lisa found the shells that we had found in times past along these waters and was fascinated. The children joined in her fascination as well as letting her know what they had found in the past, no creature living inside!   W wound up making a lot of tools with the rocks for digging, hammering, and throwing.   We played alot with the concentric rings ” the waters telephone” and throwing different things in the water to see what would happen. We threw things in to see what sinks and what floats. We threw things in to see if we could  throw them all the way to the other side and on and on with so many experiments.
I thought someone was wearing orange and fishing far away but Lisa said it was a buoy!  So, some of us went further and further down the edge of the water until it was clear that, IT WAS A BUOY!!!
Of course we all laughed and laughed over that.
I told a story about Old Grandma Buffalo who taught her Grandaughter about listening to the Earth, the sticks the mud and hear if they really want to be moved around or not.  We then put all of the mud and rocks back the way we found them before we got ready to depart.
As we were making our way back Theron was then the one asked to help us find our way to the bus.  He was delighted to do so.  There was some that wanted to take a short cut but others needed/wanted to take the exact same path that we had taken so, we did that!  There was still a bit of extra time so they played on a great tree that they found last week.  They were all lined up on the trunk of the tree sitting one behind the other so very, very happy.
The weather of the day was cold and at first it was a bit daunting but, after we all acclimated and began to move our bodies we were warm and comfortable under the gray skies.

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