Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. Nov. 12, 2015 Day 18

Crescent Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Today we celebrated Ione’s fifth birthday.  What a treat!! She seemed very, very happy with the story, Tender Tracks gift and giving her snack to everyone.  She was filled with smiles and happiness throughout the day.   Today I wanted to take everyone on a new adventure that I started with the three year old group yesterday.   We did begin at our now, usual spot.  Rhett and Io? , went to check on the helicopter site and see if we actually made the whole thing up or not. It seemed that we did not.
They all went to fun spots of hiding, building and the like before circle.  Aaron built a really nice table and shared it with me. Io  came over wondering what we were doiing and joined in the fun of the building. Actually she tried to get under this table but alas, she needed to shrink quite a bit for that and in the end could only get her foot underneath it.
It took awhile to round everyone up for circle yet once there we all sang and then embraced the story for Io’s birthday  as well as singing to her.  Very beautiful.
Many of them really wanted to have a job so Ariel, Velia, Talay and Ione all chipped in to clean up snack time with such glad hearts.   After more play we gathered our things to go on our new adventure. And oh yes  many journies to the porta potty, led by Michelle, took place!
We found our way down the trail to some familiar places, we played at their happy place, the damn , well I don’t know what you call it but there they found a birds mud nest and climbing up and down the steep concrete wall. We found the culvert where you can make echo sounds and throw rocks down into and hear it tumble bumble into the water.  We made our way down the trail, around some corners until, we found a most beautiful place to settle into!!!!  It was like a beach that was nestled high in the mountains over looking the lake. It was so quiet accept when the water district folks came out with their motor boat and passed us by.   We were surprised when the gentle lapping tide came in from the boats wake.  The second time they came around and counted to see how long it would take for the waves to come to shore.
There was a great tree for climbing and all the children had their turns and fun up there. Io ate a lot of her lunch up there that was delivered by Velia.   Rhett, Aaron and Xander explored quite a bit in different areas and Aaron and Xander made a rock fairy home.  Alara was in heaven getting wet and dunking her hair in the water.  Ariel didn’t like when she got a little muddy on her body yet, also seemed like she did like it.  Talay was so happy gathering things and finding treasures. It was great to have her back from her adventures and hear some of her tales from her great adventure to the the Arizona desert and Sedona.    Velia loved bringing food to Io up in the tree and Layton was her usual self; filled with great awe and wonder about life and flying in the wind with it all.
Michelle and I continued making braided handles out of yarn for their bundles that are about finished and the children got their own string that they loved getting creative with.
We saw many deer today and birds that were at times hard as well as fun to identify.
It was, yet again, a blessed day filled with beauty, grace,kindness, exploration, laughter, quiet, peace and more.

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  1. Ann Shih
    Ann Shih says:

    Thank you for the wonderful birthday experience! I had to travel to Chicago on my own without io the day after and really appreciate making the day very special at TT.


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