Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. May 28, 2015 Day 66

Richardson Bay Audubon sanctuary
Waxing Moon
Julian was home sick today and Thea and Nico met us at our location with their Mom who stayed with us through circle time.
The weather was over cast yet the Sun came out by noon and it was GORGEOUS.  Being at this place was nourishing and peaceful for all and created a space for gentle and kind expansion of everyones heart and soul.
I told them a story about How tides Came to Be and it for sure really stuck with Theron.  The tides come because of an old woman who twice a day either takes out a big rock in the center of the water ( low tide) or puts it back in ( high tide.)  Some of us did watch and noticed the tide through out the day. It was indeed going out not coming in. And what was the moon phase?
As soon as the children got down to the beach  they began to find so many  dead crabs!!!! The best was when they found a large one that was using his claws with heroic jesture to ensure his safety.  He was left un harmed yet pushed into the water where he floated away and, hopefully, back again.   Nico kept saying all day “We have never seen so many crabs like this before!!”  Michelle went on great explorations with Everett, Theron, Nico, and Thea. They then all came back and wanted me to see what they had all seen so Michelle stayed with Hana, Velia and Ariel while I went exploring with them.
I had earlier become the child of the three girls. Ariel and Velia were two mom’s and they were putting me to bed.  Hana was, insistent about being  Santa Clause who was making gifts for us to put near us while we slept.

While I was with the others it appeared that they had begun to travel about and when we came back they had become Mermaids and, Ariel in particular, was ready to do a show.  Velia was down to her underwear and realized that the air got cold and all of a sudden, “I’m COLD!!!!” so off she went to find her clothes and put them back on.
When I was with the others they wanted to explore the many beaches that we could go to. One bend after the next we climbed over finding more crabs, sparkely rocks and the joy of walking barefoot.  Thea and Nico didn’t have their shoes off but by the end they saw how much fun we were experiencing with our shoes off and they joined the rest of us.
When we all re joined we settled down into eating lunch.
After lunch Michelle, Velia, Hana and Ariel took an adventure to the bathroom and the rest of the children were a BEAUTIFUL sight to behold as they all laid flat down together in a row on their bellies on the warm sand just taking it in with great relaxation. After a time they got up and began exploring the water and all the little snails they found that WERE NUMBERED!!!! on a protruding rock.  I thought for sure they were numbered for races they must have been in for Memorial Day weekend but no one really thought I was right! 🙂
The entire day was simply  MAGNIFICENT!!!!

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