Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. May 19, 2016 Day 62

Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Velia still on holiday.

My highlight of today was watching Michelle weave magick with the children. She facilitated conversations that needed support into a grand storytelling circle at lunch time that was seamless and beautiful with each child creating part of a grand story about a worm and a tick.  Throughout the day I just loved being a part of and observing her skill at aiding the children to find their most honorable and higher selves with each other. YEAH!!!  What a joy not only for me but for your children!!!!!

We decided to begin our day at the Potions Pot Hill.  The children immediately went up to it and began to play. Talay brought her jump rope and after circle they played with that for awhile with joy until some struggles began.  Some gentle re direction took place to allow greater ease and movement into the next flow.

Before circle Michelle and I wanted to continue with following tracks so she quietly ran off into the direction we were going to go for the day while I played many rounds of “Witch finding children.”  Io didn’t want to hide so she became a great Dragon with a pearl and stayed by me.   Io came this day with great excitement over a book she and her mother were reading and It had something to do with the Moon and a pearl I believe.  Michelle and I were so drawn in with intrigue and curiosity about this grand story!

So with that in her being, she and I and Alara went searching, searching, searching for the children.  How greatly comouflaged the children were. Talay off in the swampy area standing behind the tall, tall grasses, Rhett and Aaron behind trees, Ariel down below a big tree, and Layton standing behind a tree yet so camouflaged!!  We had many rounds and then, Michelle appeared!!! “Where have you been” they asked. “Oh, I hid so far away, you never found me!:)” she said.  (tee hee)

And then circle began with singing our directional song and on this day, as their feeling world got washed, they each got in the middle of the circle to be “smudged.”  Oh how they enjoyed being the one in the middle of the circle!!

I felt very drawn that morning to change the story that I was going to offer and read  instead The Runaway Bunny. A very fitting story for this age and for healthy attachment development. The story basically says: No matter how far you go, or how mad you get, I will always come and find you for you are my treasure and I love you.  It is truly a most remarkable and grand book. Simple, imaginative, beautiful illustrations, gentle and so very, very loving.

After circle and clean up we began our journey down the trail to find our first marker, a great big X.  There Michelle brought the children into deeper animal awareness utilizing all of their bodies, hearts and minds and off we went to continue to follow the signs along the trail.  Michelle wound up upfront with Rhett and Talay and the rest were back with me as we all meandered along this most beautiful trail!   We all finally wound up where we had gone much earlier in the year and where the water was much further out and there was land to play on. But alas, the water was still high so, where were we to go????  We kept walking until we found a great little spot with the dock to sit on though we went right down below near the water and rocks. There the children played, the Great White Egret across the way stayed the entire time we were there very still and barely moving.

The sky went from warmth, to darker clouds and Brother Sister Wind began to play harder and harder.  Finally by lunches end it was just too cold to stay so, back to the bus we went.  When we got inside we took our time and Michelle drew our adventures of the day.  They so love to tell what happened during the day and they love having certain colors used when images of them are being drawn.

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