Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. May 14, 2015 Day 62

Roy’s Redwoods
Waning Moon

What a fine and full day at a place we all know and love. The day began with a little story, in the bus, about some trouble that some of the Stuffed animals were having.  They weren’t listening to each other and their feelings were hurting.  The animals weren’t sure what to do so we asked the children what they thought would be helpful.   The children wound up comforting some of the animals with warm words and gentle hugs.  There was more unity and quietness on the bus at this point and  the ride was kind and caring.  When we got to our destination they enjoyed showing Michelle how to go where we usually go in this different way.  We parked up above our normal place. She has never gone this way.
Throughout the day there was such great joy bouncing on the bouncy tree.  Everett, Julian and Theron found their own little home and really wanted it that way. At first they didn’t want Thea and Nico to join them but after a little support they all wound up sharing different “materials” to build up each others homes and to play with one another and shared much together.  The others were with Michelle gathering a lot of plants for teas and such.
Julian had gone on a great adventure with Michelle and then he took me where they went.  He showed me a place that we had never been before and I hope some day we will all take that great adventure.
Velia and Hana had their incredible poop adventures throughout the day as we dug holes and I became their chair for them to lean on as they squatted for their poop times.  Ariel and Thea continue to love to come and “see” what was made from their friends bodies.
AFter lunch and at about 12:30 I read them a beautiful story about The Guardian of the Birds.  It was a perfect story for them, which is why I brought it in, about; In the beginning all the Birds quarreled and squabbled and did not work together.  They needed a “Guardian” to aid them in this. There was a big contest to find who would be the Guardian. The story shared how the Birds all finally accepted the winner, little Wren, who truly was a wise and great Guardian even if he was so little.
After this most of the children became birds and had nests and laid eggs all over our area until it was time to go.
Throughout the day they found many different spots to play and create in, bounce on the nature swings, build houses, become different animals, climb logs, hide  in fun places and sit and eat in the great Redwood Tree Cathedral.

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