Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. May 12, 2016 Day 60

Waxing Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Ione’s Mother joined us today. What a treat!  Io was quite happy too!!!!

On this day we had our circle with our Tree songs, “Smudging/cleaning” our sad/mad feelings to make room for more expanded and more enjoyable feelings and sensations.  We sang our songs to the directions and then heard a story about a game Trilly Truly and Trippy Troopy created so that they could find each other better and help themselves stay un lost.
But first, we explored and played where we were for a bit. Then we went on one of the longest walks that they have ever taken and to a new spot.

We landed at a spot about half way around the lake where there is a bridge and a beautiful creek.  We  were discovered by the Mosquito people when we started to eat our lunches. Some of the children REALLY were challenged by this and we came up with creative ways to scoot those critters away, and others were less bothered.

After lunch and a bit of play in the water, we split up into two “teams.”  Each team had a bag filled with oatmeal groats to use as markers to lay a trail.  When ready the other team would follow the trail to see if they could find the end or the team.

My group; Talay, Aaron, Velia and Layton laid out little mounds as well as made some rock mounds and sticks in certain shapes to follow.  We were looking for a place to end when Layton saw a beautiful chipmunk and delightful flowers. We decided this would be a good spot. Velia was not so sure about this spot and then was willing to make this so.

Image result for picture of a ca chipmunk

There was a lot of taking turns and making choices around how we were to make our path to be found.  When we were done we went back to find the others.

Michelle, Io, her Mom, Ariel and Alara came back and we all said that we were ready.  My group ran ahead to hide while Michelle’s group counted to 40.   We VERY playfully and happily hid above our ending spot. I forgot to say that Talay wanted to make a Cafe so they put edible plants on top of some oat groats.

We all sat so very, very, very still up the hill being camouflaged as best we could.

Then we heard the others come down the trail and we stayed still, still, still and then, SURPRISE!!!!  We came down the hill and shared our stories of  why we chose this place and what we saw.

Then it was the other teams turn.  We went down to the creek, turned the other way and counted.  Then, we turned around and followed their trail. It was different then the way we made ours which is so wonderful to have experienced this!  There trail was one  fluid line of trail marks with the oatmeal. When we got to the top of the hill Layton swore she had seen  them turn left ( when she peeked!:)but, the oats trail went to the right!!!!  So we followed, followed, followed the oats and then a scream came out!  They were VERY hidden up the hill!!!!!!

What fun, what fun.  And oh yes, I forgot to say, at the beginning of the day Talay brought out a jump rope that she had made and there was some jump rope jumping happening as well as much learning how to do this very great skill.   Talay, being such a physical person, is very, very skillled at this but the others needed to take more beginning steps in order to jump at all.  And, I do believe all had fun with it.

When it was finally time to leave the creek they packed up and took a very fun walk back. The walk back seemed far shorter though then the walk there I must say! 🙂

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