Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. March 31, 2016 Day 50

Waning Half Moon
Sorich Ranch Park

What a most beautiful and glorious day.  It seems that Michelle and I have been holding a container for the children over the last few weeks, in particular, for them to unfold like a Morning Glory flowers seeking the Sun’s radiance so their radiance can shine even brighter.

By doing this, the day, and days, have been gliding with great ease, self love, self acceptance and expansion of joy to self and others.
They did begin very wild. We wondered if it had anything to do with candy from Easter.

With this, when we got to Sorich they immediately ran to the Great Rock there and began to play.  It seemed that they needed a lot of “breathing out time”, I would call it.  So that was allowed until, in a natural flow, they came to circle ready.  Alara and Talay needed a little more time and came in ready by snack time. The rest of us got the Weather Report, sang our songs and then opened to receive one of my favorite Spring time Stories, a sequential tale called One Fine Day.  It is  about a Fox who took some Milk from and old woman that he shouldn’t have.  She took his tail until he made right the wrong he had done. He needed to elicit the help and support of many other beings and people in order to get the milk to give back to her so she could then “sew his tail back in place.”  It is a story with a lot of repetition for them to join in on.

After circle they went back into such beautiful play that included the natural world in all of their creative games.  So very beautiful to behold.

It was time to take an adventure so we walked to the farm/garden near us that they went to one time before.   I brought out the rope that we have been playing with.  Rhett and Aaron went right back into the game we played last week where everyone held it. Rhett was in the front and invited every one to hold on.  It seems that there were many who wanted to be #1/Alpha/leader so they spent quite a bit of time working out that one. They finally did and down the road we went.   When we got there they went straight to the chickens. There we found young chicks peeping their most sweet sounds. Next to them were the chickens and Rooster.  The children LOVED picking the chickweed and miners lettuce and feeding, feeding, feeding them.

We found a great place to sit and eat lunch on some old couches. Above us was this hammock hung by some metal chains. After lunch an adventure of trying to get it down ensued.  Finally they ALL were working together trying to figure this out with ideas being shouted, tried, laughter and great group efforts.  Well, they weren’t able to get it down and after quite a time of trying, they let go and moved on.

We gathered a lot of  beans that were still on the vines and intend to shuck them and cook them next week.
How they all enjoyed gathering those.   We discovered a hot house and wonderful fresh vegetable starts in there. They went back to feeding the chickens with delight and then it was time to find our way home.

Water bottles were filled and drank at the water faucet and then off to home we went!

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