Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. March 19, 2015 Day 48

Waning Crescent Moon: Day before New Moon & Spring Equinox
Lake Lagunitas

Jai and Velia were absent today.

This was a very peaceful and easeful day.  There was much exploration and expansion into the wonders of the natural world.
For Hana and Ariel there was a great amount of clothes changing. One of my favorite images was of Ariel wearing Hana’s pink rain suit and boots and playing in the water or just running around in the woods all day in this.   Julian, and all but Nico, were stripped down and playing in the creek by days end and actually for about half the day.  Some women came by hiking and were in extreme joy to see such a beautiful and free exploration for children.  I couldn’t agree more!
Half are at the place where they want the freedom to come to circle when they wish so, we begin with those who really want to come in to sing and partake: Julian, Ariel, Hana, Nico and Everett.  Usually Thea would be here but she found a Newt and that most assuredly trumped circle for her which is just grand! This did take about 80% of the children off to check that out and when they were filled up with the joy of exploring this friend they came back.  Theron finds his way in, usually closer to food time and by the end all are there and content.
As I mentioned, Thea found a Newt fairly early on and that continued throughout the day;finding such friends and exploring the earth with them.  There was a great deal of climbing over the logs, figuring out how to navigate over the rocks on the creek.  Thea, Nico and I went under the water fall and had a GREAT time and then later in the day we all wound up over there.   Michelle held Ariel and Hana’s heads under the water, as they LOVE this but they did not want to go under the waterfalls with their whole body.  Everett and Theron became California Newts for quite some time at the end of the day. They just ran around saying Newt, newt Newt, Newt! and trying to walk like a Newt.  Julian had pants rolled up, shoes off and feet immersed in the water. He had such fun splashing all about.
The Sun came to shine on us mid day and some of those wet clothes got to be warmed up a bit.
Our little spot gave us so much to explore just in one place as we were visited by birds, water, warmth and grand explorations.

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