Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. March 17, 2016 Day 46

Lake Lagunitas
Waxing Moon

Today was Aaron’s Birthday celebration. His Mom came, Ariel’s Mom came with Ariel’s little sister and Brinkley came.  We had a beautiful full house and it was so much fun!
Aaron brought a desert for us all of three different kinds of berries and the best coconut cream!!!  It was a very big hit!!  The weather was not too hot and not too cold. We had circle where there was a little more sun up on top of the knoll/where the picnic tables are and one of their favorite climbing trees!   After birthday celebration and all we began a beautiful adventure that was led by Aaron.  He found many places that would have been great for a small group and it seems that they were places that either Tender Tracks has gone or his other nature program. But alas, there was just too many of us to sit with ease in these places so I had to ask Aaron to keep up his search for a more expansive place for us.  He continued looking with ease and he ended up finding a place that was spacious, in the sun, on a hill, near the water and “something for everyone” as the expression goes.
We sat down in the sun, in a circle and ate our lunch together. I then read the most beautiful tale by Beatrix Potter,  The Adventures of Peter Rabbit and Mr. McGregor.  It was fun to hear that most of the children new this most precious story and new it well.  It turns out that it is one of Aaron’s favorite. When I tuned in to what would be a good book to bring for lunch time this is what showed up. I then was delighted to hear that it is one of his favorites.  I figured as much!
All but Io and Aaron, after lunch, became completely immersed in the mud and water of the lake that we were in front of.  There was a log that was great for testing out ones balancing capabilities as many of them got on it to walk on it, sit on it and explore it.  In some parts of the lake the water was very cold and some parts not cold. There was slimy vegetation to play with, frogs to be heard, water birds to be seen, Birds of the air to hear, slugs that were found along our journey getting there, water falls to throw things in and, the highlight of the day, at least for me, was to have, I believe it was Ariel’s Mom, seeing a Cicada emerging from it’s former hard cased body into it’s brand new form.  Truly she said she saw it coming out!!!  Most of us just stood and stared and stared at it as it emmerged and began pumping fluid and life into it’s new body . It was such a shame to have to leave!!!!! watching it change right in front of our eyes was a miracle of life to behold.
The picture below on the left is a stock photo but the picture on the right is one that I took.  I wasn’t fully sure it was a Cicada due to the coloring but here you will see, from Wikipedia, that indeed that is the color that they are when they emerge.  Truly a magickal wonder!!!!  And here’s a question of the day: Can you tell what kind of a tree it is on from looking at the bark? ( the photo on the right)


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  1. Ann
    Ann says:

    Cypress? Reminds me of the cypress seed/acorns. There is/was one at Stinson everyone loved to climb on whose bark was worn smooth in places.

    • wendolynbird
      wendolynbird says:

      well, I wish I could show you the tree. I want to go back again now to double check. It is right there at Lake Lagunitas where we saw it. It is so great that you looked this up!!! Io learns so much from you in this way!!!!


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