Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. March 12, 2015 Day 46

Waning Moon
Car Wash & Soriech Park

Velia was home sick today yet the warm Sun was not.  Tuesday we were wearing our mittens and feeling cold inside the thick blanket of fog but today, we peeled and peeled our clothes and sweat in ways we have not for a long time.
We did not have our circle time today but rather went straight to the Hand Car Wash on SFD Blvd near Good Earth.  We got out coins which Everett and Jai put in because they really wanted to while the others stood back and waited for the water to begin spraying!!  I soapy sprayed the bus and they squeeled away.  Then the soapy brush came and so did they with wash clothes in hand as we washed away all the dirt and old paint.  They were all really involved and happy to be washing the bus and getting it so clean. Then, we sprayed in clean of soap and exchanged wet towels for dry ones to then dry and dry and dry.  Then, we all stood back and admired the beautiful job done.  Ganesh Bus glistened.
After that we went to Sorich, ate some food, climbed the big rock, picked Sour Grass and Fennel, Hana pooped in the Tender Tracks Porta Potty, Jai and Julian filled the big bucket with water and helped me carry it back over to the bus and then we got the paint ready.
They painted with creativity and fun until they were satisfied with how much of the bus was covered.  And oh yes, while Hana was pooping and Ariel was watching the rest of them went to gather Cyanothous  plant with Michelle.
After all the painting they went down to the water spout and washed their hands so clean and smooth with this wonderful plant.
We then gathered for a circle of water, more food and stories.
Rock climbing came again and now Theron was in great need of pooping, in the potty.  They really do like my childhood potty, it is perfect for little ones.  For pooping a plastic bag is put inside and easily wrapped up and disposed of.
We then gathered all of our belongings and were about to go climb to the swings when, Jai stubbed his toe so they all gathered around him as I bandaged his toe up.  He then put his shoes back on and up, up, up the mountain we went.
We had about 45 minutes to play up there.  Jai made a gift for his Mom, Hana and Ariel played with the magnifying glasses that I had.   Thea, Nico and Julian had a great deal of fun on the rope swing with Michelle and Theron and Everett were playing either behind the big rock or right behind the rope swing in a beautiful Buckeye tree.
We then all helped each other down the very big hill and made it safe and sound to the bus but, IT WAS SO HOT IN THERE!!!
We opened two windows, gave good bye thank you’s and felt the sweet cool air coming in the windows.

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