Marin Tender Tracks Thurs. March 10, 2016 Day 44

Waxing Crescent Moon
Lake Lagunitas

Aaron was absent.  However, the rain, WAS NOT!  This is the first rain of the year that truly felt harder, stronger and more rainy then all the rainy days so far.   And even with that, this day was easy with a flow of fun.  When we got to our spot where the shelter is, it was taken over by the Conservation Core folks that seemed to be having a party. They were very friendly yet it was clear for us that in order to not disturb them we should just stick with our original plan and not have the shelter for back up so, we got out our tarp and got to work.  We had practiced a couple times earlier in the year on some dry days putting up the large tarp between trees and tying it up.  Michelle and I got to work. It is so good that not only were there two of us but there was Michelle and her height!!!  The children helped with pulling and tugging at the ropes from different sides, finding a tall branch to put in the middle to hold the center up and the bring in the stones and cinder blocks there to hold the center strong and steady.  From there we went under and had snack.  After snack we played for a bit outside and then they WENT FOR IT, right in the water. Well, mainly the usual ones, Ariel, Layton, Alara( though due to her having been sick we did our best to keep her less immersed) Rhett in there too but a bit less and Ione kept drier then the others.  Well, they were soaked even before this yet, as has been the case on these very rainy days, not so very cold.  However,  it was lunch time at this point so, we had a very grand changing party and then changed the bus into Cafe Ganesha.  We moved everything out from the back, laid down our blankets and set them up there for lunch.  It also, before lunch, became the potty room. I took out the porta potty we have and it got used.  Ariel had to poop so that happened in the very front and then we disposed of that straight away before lunch. 🙂
After lunch we then got out all of the coloring tools and paper, got them cozy and while they drew there were stories being read.  Who knew that the bus could be a cafe, porta potty, art center and changing room!!!!!???
As I said, it all went seemless and easeful. The rain sang such beautiful music, newts were found and played with, mud was immersed in, working together was throughout, much laughter and celebration of the Rain. Phew….. then, giving you all big bags of wet clothes and big bags of wet towels and blankets to tend to on this end as well.  And, the creeks were rising, water falls flowing and plants dancing with joy!!

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